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My Semester in Review

by OKNurse2be - I started out this semester with a lot of confidence. After all, I was pretty much a straight A student up until now. I had heard how nursing school is totally different from other classes but I...

Pre-Nursing School Jitters

by OKNurse2be - Orientation is in 17 days. August 10th I get to meet all my fellow nursing school classmates and the instructors. I have waited for this so long. I have spent over a year doing all the pre-requisite...

Nursing School Orientation!

by OKNurse2be - Let's face it; orientation makes nursing school just seem more "real" but it's also very daunting, and a lot of information to sift through. My orientation was not as bad as I had thought it was...

Why I want to become a nurse

by OKNurse2be - My choice to become a nurse is really multifaceted. There is no single reason that stands out, but it's a combination of wanting to help people, a deep admiration for nurses that I know, and the...