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    Asking why I sound so angry doesn't make any sense. Why do people feel the need and feel so proud to be like that. If a employee is so horrible, then it will show at work. Sorry, I don't have those problems.

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    Sorry, I don't have those problems. Anyone that feels that they have to do something like this has too much time on their hands.

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    I cannot believe that a person could be so vengeful, diabolical and hateful...... until now. Where in the world do you get the time to stalk and harass your coworkers. You actually think it's appropriate to troll through this site and print up your "evidence". This world is really going under with spiteful people like you. I don't care that this site is public. That does not give you the right to snoop and print. It doesn't matter if the picture is her or not. Someone else could have put her picture up because there are people like you waiting for this "opportunity" to slander them. If I was her I would sue you. If I was your boss I'd fire you.
    I haven't read anyone so excited to harass someone in my life. Did you read your post before posting it? You sound like a manipulative, jealous, power tripping and mean person. Get a life. Please!

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    Your facility is way understaffed and I feel your frustration. 2 nurses and 1 aid for 15 patients is crazy. You are doing the best you can possibly do.

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    I think you really need to get a life. Do you spend your day trolling Facebook too? How would you like if someone followed you around all day? YOU ARE A STALKER!

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    This question sounds like it's for a school project. Give me a break!

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    feel like it takes tremendous strength to be a nurse, and confidence, and calm, and emotional resilience, and I don't think I had enough of those things until now. I would like to pursue this dream, but I can't tell if I'm crazy. Have I really grown enough to have the qualities a good nurse has? And do I have unrealistic ideas about what nursing really is? Is the modern health system so difficult that there isn't much space for tenderness and real human connection? Am I strong enough to learn to hold patients' suffering without suffering myself? And how about the abuses I believe nurses sometimes suffer - at the hands of patients, of families, of the medical hierarchy; are those stresses so big I couldn't handle them, or could I learn how? So my question is this - what's it really like to be a nurse?

    You really are romanticising this "idea" of yours. The statements above are over the top and ridiculous. Stick with what you know.

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    My facility tried that crap. Going room to room and talking in front of the patient. How would you feel if two people were talking about you in front of you. This also puts us in a pickle when they stop and say what is this that etc. We cannot interpret and this has put staff in situations with patients and their families for many of the reasons listed by others on this post. We get report at the desk then do a walk through to check on the patient. This is more than efficient. I have no clue why we would be discussing their labs tests etc. in front of them. The doctor is the person to discuss this.

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    I get to work 30 minutes before my shift starts. If I can get my report, check my patients then check my MARS I'm doing good. The nurses that get there at 7pm (which is shift start) are way behind waiting for a computer to use to check their MAR and to complete their computer work. The doctors show up starting at 730pm, so good luck then. We do not get paid, and they will not pay us for this. I don't care, this 30 minutes does a world of difference for the quality of my day. What annoys me to no end is the nurses that come to me during the shift to ask me for help, "are you busy? can you do me a favor? I do not get to work early to free up my time for starting ivs on their patients, taking their calls and their transfer and admission. These nurse also run out the second their shift is complete. Giving a crappy report and leaving a sloppy mess for the next nurse is not on their mind. I usually get out about 730pm (our shift ends at 715PM). I would get out on time if the next shift was a courteous as me. I think the nurse that started this post cares about the quality of care she gives her patients. When you get a chunk of your work out the way, you can spend more time with your patients and carefully review the chart. I think my 30 minute sacrifice helps more than just me.

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    Heparin/ zithromax/ potassium plus many others.

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    It takes 2-3 years to feel more comfortable. Keep up with education classes and looking up medically related things. You'll get the hang of it.

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    Quote from ThinkAgain
    Hi, Everyone,
    I was wondering if you could help me with some advice regarding this job offer that I've received.
    It is a LTC Nursing Center
    Staff RN
    Days, full time.
    $30/hr plus benefits.
    This facility has vents, the patient load is large (up to 30pts per nurse). But I'd be working with a CMA, CNA, Resp Therapist, and they have a phlebotomist. And a wound nurse.

    Does this offer sound good to anyone?
    Thank you very much, I must give an answer tomorrow.
    The position is dangerously short staffed. Run the other way.

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    Quote from seks
    The hospitals in this city use the Alaris pump and this kind of Alaris infusion set:

    Prior to my preceptorship, I've always twist that end cap a little bit so that the IV solution can dribble out while priming.

    However, during my first shift of my preceptorship, my preceptor didn't agree with my method. She said just to let the IV solution flow to just before the end of the line, put in a threaded cannula ( and then let the solution dribble out. She mentioned that my method would cause the end to be non-sterile?????

    Can someone shed some light on this as my previous clinical instructors have seen me prime IV lines and they never had a hissy fit about the way I do it.
    It really doesn't matter either way. I am amused at your preceptor thinking she's "miss sterile". If it was you'd have a sterile field and sterile gloves etc. Washing your hands and putting on clean gloves, yes of course. But her thinking is ridiculous. If you are using your clean technique and always wearing gloves (also to protect yourself from the cancer causing agents possibly in the bag) and not touching the garbage with with the tip, you're fine. I think it's a great question and the other people commenting and acting nuts is crazy. I think it's very narrow minded of her to tell you that you are not not doing it right. I wonder what other things she will demand for you to do.

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    Facebook friends should include like minds. Which does not include anyone from your job or that has any association. My personal life is private. My page is locked and my posts are not shown. Many times employees have tooled around the internet and tried to "friend" me. When asked why I didn't add them, I tell them the truth. "I'm not interested in opening up my personal life or anyone in my circle to the people I work with." The only thing someone can see is a picture of my face. No posts, comments or what have you.

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    Quote from tothepointeLVN
    This is something that has bothered me since my very first day of nursing school. It's a situation that comes up over and over again. When ever a person who slef identifies as a nurse disagrees with something in a non work context like the internet the go to offensive is to label that person as a horrible nurse because they don't empathise with each and every individual and situation on the planet. In oter words empathy for all no matter what the situation.So the question is why? You can still be disagreeable and a wonderful empathetic nurse to your patients and coworkers. Disagreing is not a bad thing. Florence herself was very opinionated and "disagreeable."So why is "I wouldn't want you as my nurse" the go to defense? (And yes I've used it too)
    Holy spelling batman!