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  • Nov 11 '11

    I officially decided to attend UPenn, so I will see you all there in May! Is anyone planning to take some classes early? If so, which ones and where are you taking them (if not at UPenn)? I plan to take several classes early, but know that you can transfer 2 classes from outside UPenn (it's a bit more affordable this way). I was just wondering what you all were thinking or planning to do.

  • Apr 5 '09

    hello future students!!! i am in the accelerated program now, counting down the days - so congratulations and good luck next year. a couple of tips from someone who went through the same things you guys are going through now......don't stress too much about getting registered right away, it's not like the classes will fill up as with traditional college classes. i wouldn't suggest buying the scrubs package. i bought it last year thinking that is what i had to do, but then i ended up rebuying everything to get better quality items. you can buy your scrubs anywhere as long as they are navy blue (i bought the gray's anatomy ones since they are sooo comfortable). you will buy the ut patch from the book store and sew it on. shoes - they want white tennis shoes of any kind although i never saw anyone get in trouble for having other color shoes. make sure you buy comfortable shoes, your feet will be killing you after running around for 12 hours. books can be costly but i would suggest waiting to buy every book on the list until you at least go to orientation and see which books the professors suggest. sometimes they will have a whole page list of textbooks, but you really only need to buy 1/4 of the books. i bought a barnes and noble membership and ordered my books online - free shipping and tons of membership savings. i have saved a lot of money buying my books this way. plus your classes will only be 6-8 weeks long, so when you start in the summer, you will only be starting with 2-3 classes and you'll have time to order the other books. hope this helps, good luck!