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    I was assigned a group project in which we are supposed to be acting as community health nurses. In the first part of the assignment we just describe what is going on/the community/strengths and needs/family/individual; in the second part we are each to do a care plan on the individual we were assigned in this made up family while still keeping in mind her family and community. We need 3 different nursing diagnoses.Problem is, we are having difficulty coming up with one that will be accepted.

    The individual assigned to us is a Vietnamese female, 15yo. who has recently learned she is 17wks pregnant at a health checkup, she smokes, admits to ocassional alcohol and recreational drug use, hangs with a "rough crowd" where she feels accepted and sporadically attends school. She is living in a nice middle class neighbourhood. Her family only owns one car, which her uncle, the man of the house, drives. There are 10 family members living in the home. Her father died in an accident in 2005, her mother has PTSD and moved to Canada as she was unable to care for her kids. The uncle is the main breadwinner, he has a wife and child. His wife's mother and father and grandma also live there. There isn't any other info. on her specifically. Her family members also have their own issues which I have not included here, including her twin brothers who recently came down with measles (I'm going to assume it is not German measles at this point). Her family uses cultural methods to deal with their health care issues, such as coin-rubbing, teas and so forth with the great grandma fulfilling the 'doctor' role as the one who makes the tinctures/teas and such.

    I was thinking about something like at risk for possible fetal alcohol syndrome, or something but I don't see anything remotely close to that on the NANDA list. Then I thought perhaps knowledge deficit, but was not sure what to relate it to. Can anyone please help me?