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    there are 2 massage schools locally, one in asheboro and 1 in pittsboro. Both are very good. Nurses don't have to complete all of it!!!

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    HI, I am Toni. I currently live in Raleigh and work for duke Hospice. I have been a nurse for 23 years, hospice for 9. I am single, 2 grown children and getting ready to head to Sedona Arizone, looking for fulltime work there, desiring to greatly affect changes int the porcess we aid people in their end of life care and management. I love the words, my dogs, the cello. I am greatly looking forward to the desert!

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    HI, we are suppossed to have 4 visits/day; 12-14 pt caseload. We have prn's do our admissions a lot, tho casemanagers also do admissions. "our greatest challenge is the average 80-120 miles/day with the visits.
    I worked another agency that had 15-19 pts and we did admissions; had to bump our pts to do them. All about the numbers! I left there.
    We had LPN's do the follow up 2nd day visit, and the coninouts care coverage also. Hate CC...
    we also do onccall which can really challenge the days.
    12-14 is the best caseload of all.