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  • Apr 27

    Quote from nursgirl
    After TONS of research on just about every online RN to BSN and RN to MSN program out there I finally made a decision and started at Grand Canyon University this week! Granted it's only been a few days but I'm already loving it. (Haven't had to turn in a paper yet though so I'll update after that haha) I decided to get my BSN first and my plan is to go directly into an MSN program after that [emoji4]

    If you're looking into going back to school I say go for it!
    Completed the RN to BSN program last yr at GCU....Found the online classroom very well laid out...Straight forward what has to be done each week.....Best of luck

  • Apr 23

    I'm also a student (RN-FNP) at Walden. I completed my undergraduate courses this week and I will begin the graduate courses on December 1! I have had a great experience at Walden so far.

    I'm more than willing to discuss my experience with anyone who is curious.

  • Apr 23

    I am currently attending Walden in their ASN-MSN Leadership and Management Program. I absolutely love it! I have been there for almost a year and the experience depends on what you make out of it! I feel that my professors have been spectacular. My academic adviser immediately went over the practicum requirements with me and provided me with a list of facilities that are already participating with Walden in my area. I can choose one of those or I can find my own facility with the requirements for the preceptor that are needed. i would recommend Walden to anyone! When you look up the reviews of walden some of them are good and some of them are not so good but I think it all depends on the individual and what you make of it. An online school is NOT going to spoon feed you. I like their academic rigor and I feel that I can complete the work and still have time to have a social life. The negative comments I have seen have not really been about the nursing program so this is surprising! If anyone has questions about Walden please do not hesitate to ask! My program is 19 months long because I had 2 pre-reqs to take prior to starting my program. I can't wait to be a Walden Graduate!!!

  • Apr 23

    Quote from myelin
    Mark Hill - do you work for Walden or something?
    NO...but I do attend! I have busted my hump, and will graduate in February. I am just amazed at everyone who has all of these negative opinions about a school they know nothing about, or if they did attend, they are mad because it wasn't as easy as they thought it should be. I have been a an ER and ICU nurse for 20 years, I received my BSN at William Carey University (A well respected private university), and I attend Walden because it is not feasible for me to drive an hour one way to a brick and mortar university. William Carey University doesn't have a nurse practitioner track or I would have attended there. I can tell you that attending Walden has been the hardest thing I have ever done besides surviving cancer. All these comparisons to "diploma mills" are completely asinine as Walden University has the same CCNE accreditation as any other "credible" university. They don't just hand out CCNE accreditations, and you certainly cant buy them. CCNE accreditation is the standard that almost all state BON's use as a prerequisite to sit for the state boards. So all of these "haters" should take their grievances about this worthless "diploma mill" with CCNE accreditation board, and almost all of the state boards of nursing.

  • Apr 21

    9. Lazy and/or ignorant pain management, especially when it involves labeling a patient as a "drug seeker".

    10. Whining

    11. Religious proselytizing

    12. "Nurses' station character assassination" as my favorite instructor put it.

    13. Failure to look out for the nurses who have to follow you (and clean up your mess).

  • Apr 19

    Now that I am awaiting Capstone, I can run back through the courses and state which are killers, potential killers, and just plain serial killers. I tremble at the thought that I might have to bump Nursing Research from its coveted position as the worst course of all time, so let's hope Capstone is a wrap-up rather than something that makes you want to wrap a rope around your neck.

    #1. Nursing Research: kiss your family goodbye for 5 weeks and prepare to hate your coursework (depending on your academic coach and research team). We had a good team but a coach that didn't exactly lead us in the right direction. Life is unfair, and we've all moved on since that class.

    #2. Holistic Health Assessment: What's a nail bed angle and will you ever need to know that? Here you will. Fortunately you can pick your "patient", so choose someone who can't dodge your phone calls when you need to do a 3 hour assessment.

    #3. Nursing Leadership and Management: Lots, and lots, and lots of writing on the down side. On the plus side, you get to follow your boss around and annoy them. I would love to utilize rules 224 & 225 and delegate the writing to someone else. A good learning experience to be had, but it is time consuming.

    #4. Care of Vulnerable Populations: Gain a different perspective on nursing. This class requires some legwork, but if you stay caught up, you will do well in this class. It is research and demographics heavy, but the learning curve is forgiving.

    #5. Cooperative in Nursing: If you guessed writing intensive, well, you'd be correct. Not too bad as an elective, but if your grade took a pounding in Nursing Research, this one is pass/fail and won't help re-inflate a sagging GPA.

    #6. Professional Nursing A/B: It's your first class, you're a wide-eyed newbie, and it all seems like a lot to handle. It isn't. It is writing intensive, but not on the scale of Leadership, Vulnerable Populations, or Nursing Research.

    #7. Holistic Care of the Older Adult: Sharpen up your interviewing skills and your APA know how. This one is graded close to the vest, but it lacks the sadistic glee of Nursing Research.

    #8. Health Promotion Across the Lifespan: Should promote you to a fairly easy A at the end of 5 weeks.

    #9. Medical Terminology: AKA, my other elective. For those who had to take a medical terminology class en route to ADN RN, then this one will barely cause you to break a sweat. This one is so easy that if you fail this course, you really should consider a career that doesn't involve being responsible for the health of living beings, animal or human.

    #10. (or will it be #1) Capstone. We'll see shortly.

  • Apr 18

    I am taking 3 classes per quarter in the MSN - Nurse Educator track. It has been great so far. The resources are amazing! They really set you up to succeed. I was never once harassed, but had numerous individuals go above and beyond to help me make this happen. I am very happy with my choice. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

  • Apr 18

    Quote from nursgirl
    I'm grateful to see your posts, I just applied to SNHU and am curious about their program. Are any of you planning to go on to an MSN program after your BSN?

    I do not plan on going for my MSN. I think I am content with stopping at the BSN level. I think if I had wanted to continue on as an APRN, then I would get my MSN through SNHU. It is a great school and I am happy to be there. I am currently in the nursing classes and it is tough and a lot of work but it is doable if you work hard and stay organized. Good luck!

  • Apr 18

    I've waited roughly two years to post this. I started my RN-BSN program Mar. 2013 and now I can say that I'm officially done. Thank you Lord!!!! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I cannot stop crying and smiling. Now I can finally add those credentials behind my name (haha) !!!!

    P.S. I completed my program at Walden University so if there is anyone that plan on going there please feel free to ask me any questions here or PM me. I think it was an excellent program. The work was intense but definitely doable. I'm not the best writer but I managed to get through the program with a 3.6 GPA.

  • Apr 18

    Quote from futureeastcoastNP
    I would like to know why nurses, from RNs to NPs, seem to be so enamored with for profit schools?
    For many, the choice to attend a for-profit entity can be narrowed down to one important word: convenience. People will gladly pay extra to take the path that saves time and offers convenience in a world otherwise loaded with inconveniences.

  • May 14 '14

    Actual conversation:
    Patient: But...I haven't had sex for 6 months
    Nurse: Well, according to ultrasound you are 5 weeks pregnant. I assure you, you are indeed pregnant.
    Patient: I don't understand, how can this be?
    Patient's boyfriend: Is it possible she got pregnant without semen?

  • May 14 '14

    This is why I cover every object in my house smaller than a 2liter bottle with vasoline or KY. I have avoided this tragic accident so far in my life but it happens to so many people so often, I can't help but fear I'm going to fall over some day and SPLUNK-right up the ole orifice something will go. I figure it will be a lot less traumatic if I keep everything in my house lubed up just in case.

  • May 14 '14

    I was offered the ED job and I start in June! I'm excited but really nervous too!

  • Sep 6 '12

    Hi everyone

    I have been an operating room nurse for nearly eight years. I really enjoy what I do but I have had dreadful call ins over the last month. Over one weekend I worked an extra 20 hours on top of my normal 40 hours. Last night I worked all night so was up for 20 hours without sleep... then went home and had two hours sleep, and had to wake up to return to work but luckily my boss said stay home.

    Anyway, when I get this tired and have been working crazy hours I find myself asking "why do we do it?". I know why I went into nursing to help people etc but I do find the call ins take its toll physically. Sometimes if I have had a really rough night or last few days with call ins I get to the point where I feel like I could break down and cry. This morning I really felt like I couldn't concentrate at all so was so grateful I didn't have to work.

    I know some people will probably say I should give up the call ins and as much as they are a burden sometimes I still love the rush of adrenaline you get from being involved in an emergency case.

    What's everyone's experience with call ins in the operating room? Do you get worn out with on-call? How long have you been doing it? I'd be interested to hear from you.

  • Oct 6 '11

    Yes- for most it does take a long time to be completely comfortable. I'd say it took me almost 2 years to really feel confident. Some days will be tough. Remember you have to get along with a team of people so don't take things too personally. Remember that you are in a stressful situation so surgeons and other team members may snap but keep in mind the job you have to do and let that be your focus. Don't act like a know it all. OR teams hate that! Walk fast and speak up. It's hard to hear everyone when you have masks on and suction and machines going. You can't be timid. But don't be overly eager either. Don't cross sterile fields so be very aware of your surroundings. The surgical techs can be very over protective of the sterile environment- which they should be as you should too! So be mindful of the blue. Enjoy this time and learn as much as you can! Good luck!