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  • Jul 27

    I actually had to put everything on hold back in April after an emergency right after I originally posted but I'm starting again with the first class on Monday, glass you all are liking it so far. I'd love to create a Facebook group if anyone is interested?? Or does one already exist?

  • Apr 27

    After TONS of research on just about every online RN to BSN and RN to MSN program out there I finally made a decision and started at Grand Canyon University this week! Granted it's only been a few days but I'm already loving it. (Haven't had to turn in a paper yet though so I'll update after that haha) I decided to get my BSN first and my plan is to go directly into an MSN program after that [emoji4]

    If you're looking into going back to school I say go for it!

  • Aug 31 '15

    I was clean and sober for 9 years through AA and LOVED my recovery.. then got pregnant and had severe HG with multiple hospitalizations and drifted away from meetings and my sponsor. I went back to work when my son was 6 weeks old and felt like I was doing fine and maybe I didn't need meetings.. LOL I transferred to ER and got injured at work. I was given Valium and Norco for a back injury and because I wasn't staying active in my recovery it never occurred to me to stay accountable.. my addiction kicked in and I started diverting narcotics at work. I knew it was insane on some level but I was already sick in my addiction. Just last week I finally turned myself in to my management and diversion.. and stopped using. I have 8 days clean and sober today. I'm just starting the process with CA diversion (intake appt is this week) and am going to meetings and in treatment. Working with a sponsor again. GOD I feel so relieved!!! I kept trying to quit but I couldn't until I surrendered everything.. if anyone has any words of wisdom about the diversion process in California is appreciate any advice. I feel so blessed to be alive and sober today! I'm so grateful that diversion exists for us!