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    years ago, i went to school to be a medical assistant...we got our instructor gifts as well. what we did was, we knew she must have or know someone who had breast cancer as she always wore printed scrubs w/the ribbons, or a pin. so we all chipped in and made a donation in her name to the susan g. komen foundation. they send you a certificate of your donation, we framed it with a matting and we all signed on the matting. she loved it!

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    i applied back in november, however, nobody knew except my husband and mom. i was doing it more just to see if i could/would, and then after the hesi which i did pretty well on, i felt more confident and realized i just might have a shot! so, i started telling people....
    so now, the wait begins and i keep thinking i should have kept my mouth shut in case i don't...
    this will be the longest month in history!

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    the waiting game is definitely brutal! at the school i've applied to, last year you found out at the end of march. i thought i heard they were hoping to send out letters sooner this year, but maybe that's my wishful thinking. waiting is making me crazy!
    where has everyone applied?

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    I'm so excited to find a forum where everyone is in the same boat!!
    I'm registered for A&P 1 and Drug admin for the health professional, I'll start Jan. 12th! I'm so nervous!
    It'll be nice to talk back and forth with those who "understand!"