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    I am BSN, RN here in NJ. I had my BSN taken in the Philippines. I was trying to transfer my license to CA and they sent me the deficiency letter last Sept 2014 with 3 years deadline. Can anyone advise me what to do? I am planning to move to CA next year. And I am starting to search for schools that would accept me.

    Would it be better to do the MSN instead rather than completing the deficiency courses? I am so confused. Please advise. Thank you in advance!

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    I understand that its hard for us new hirees to complain about it because jobs are scarce nowadays. On your orientation ask questions and take down notes, learn as much as you can in the 2 days given to you. I understand its hard to grasp and digest everything in just a short span of time.

    I know how you must feel. I am also a new orientee in a Skilled Nursing Facility, and I am on my 4th day of orientation. Luckily, the DON have given me 3 weeks of orientation before I will be working on my own. So far the 1st two days were quite overwhelming. I sometimes got blank and felt like I am being left behind with the nurses orienting me. They just seemed to do nursing care & med pass too fast. Little by little I have slowly grasped some of the techniques. I am also doing my part like reading the company's manual and facility procedures, etc. I also familiarized myself with the forms that we are using in the facility. The DON gave me some paperworks to do at home and the ADON gave me a booklet as my guideline. So far that guidebook has been pretty helpful.

    Goodluck to you and work safely.

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    Maybe it will take a month or two before they'll call you. Don't loose hope but don't dwell too much on it as well. I have applied online yesterday. Im not sure though if I qualify because for now I still don't have a NY license, Im license in NJ by the way. But I will definitely endorse my license to NY once AMC will consider my application (well, if ever they will).

    I am currently working in flu shots clinics and these clinics will soon end, thats why I need a fall back and I really wanted to work in a hospital. I hope AMC will get back to us soonest. Good luck to us!

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    Hi CP1983,

    How was your application with AMC? Any updates? I have send my application online today. Im just wondering if how long did they call you after sending in your application?

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    I had my CES evaluation in July 2012. I just sent a photocopy of my HS diploma to CGFNS. I mailed it myself, not from my HS school.

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    The job market is tough for all nurses like what traumaRUs had said.

    Besides that, most nursing schools/universities here in the US are affiliated with hospitals and most of the hospitals are hiring their own graduates (esp. in the new RN graduate program). I am a RN educated from the Philippines and is having a hard time landing a job, since I don't have a US experience yet. I have had 2 years of hospital experience in the Philippines but that didn't give me an edge over all the other applicants I guess, since for 3 months now I am still actively looking for a job.

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    Hi HellooNurse90,

    Did u went thru a group interview, too? What are we supposed to do in what they call as the "Assessment Center"? Is that some kind of a training & return demonstration sort of thing?

    Is the $15/hour for RNs with BSN? That is way too low for a BSN RN.

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    Hello royam1984, I got a call from PSA here in NJ and will soon have an interview with a panel. I would like to know how your interview went? And what were the usual questions?

    The HR also talked about having to undergo a training as well next month. Then from there, they will assess my skills if I qualify for the job. Was the hiring process on your case the same as that?

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    Congratulations but for your peace of mind, I suggest there's a thread for that criminal history background something in this site. Try to browse it and you might find some relevant & significant answers from all others who have the same experience with you. Goodluck to you!

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    From the looks of it, I guess you have higher chance of getting the job! Congratulations!

    I have a question, how many weeks apart was your first interview from your second interview? How long after did they call you? Im asking because I had my interview in a nursing home some 2 weeks ago, and didn't hear anything from them as of yet. I wonder if Im still on it or not. They said, I was gonna be on background check.

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    Hello CourtneyH, any updates from your application? In my end, I still haven't received a call from the DON although I talked with one of the staffs and she told me that the DON told her that she was gonna call me today. Im still waiting for that call. I hope she will call me today.

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    Congratulations! There is HOPE for us who are currently looking for a job.

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    Hi CourtneyH, have you finally landed a job on any of those 3 you mentioned? I also had my interview last Aug 31 on a LTC and the interview with the DON went well, I guess. She photocopied my RN license, drivers license and SSN for background check and promised to give me a call last Friday Sep 7, but I waited the whole day to no avail. I called the DON's direct line five times as she handed me a calling card after the interview, but was always forwarded to her voicemail. I called the receptionist and still forwarded to the DON's direct line. I'm here waiting in oblivion as to what had happened to my application. I am calling tomorrow to check if they are still interested in me.

    My question is, how many weeks does the background check usually takes? Is waiting 1 week too premature for me to conclude that they are no longer interested in me?

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    I hear you. I am on the same boat with you. The situation is just the same here in NJ. I applied here and there and still haven't landed a job. Have you tried applying as a flu shots nurse? I just had my interview last month. I'm not sure if I am hired but they have called my character references already. Im still keeping my figures crossed.

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    Quote from jwobtinalla
    Your not hired yet- they still need to call you references. However you have big chance getting that job. Goodluck.
    thanks for the reply jwobtinalla. I am hoping that they will give me a call tomorrow. I've read a lot of threads already that a lot of people didn't really get a call from employers as promised. Well perhaps the DON or Human Resource can sometimes be really busy. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed, wishing and hoping. I really need a job!