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    I like being a nurse, but I wouldn't enjoy working in assisted living either. I know nurses who love the elderly, but would hate pediatrics. There are many areas of nursing I think I would enjoy, and many I wouldn't. Definitely not a red flag to me.

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    I am also not a morning person, and getting up early is always a challenge. I have done it for the past 10 years, and it really doesn't get easier. I set 2 alarms on my phone, one for 6:43 am and one for 6:44 am. I don't let myself snooze. I get up and immediately take my shower. Usually I feel a bit better after showering. By the time I get to work at 8 am I usually feel much more awake.

    On the weekends I try to keep a somewhat earlier schedule then I would naturally prefer. I try to be up by 9:30, or 10:30 if I stay up really late. Life would probably be easier if I stuck to an even earlier schedule on the weekends, but I so look forward to my two days of sleeping later.

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    Quote from elkpark
    (What color scrubs you would be wearing is one of the considerations? Really?)
    That made me smile. It reminds me of my 20-year-old daughter.

    An hour drive each way is a long drive. I did that when I first started nursing, and it was exhausting. I would pick option one, although I would rather wear royal blue scrubs.

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    If there is an order you believe is wrong then you don't do it, but as someone else pointed out there is always another person you can ask. I had an order I was worried about from the intern, so I talked to the resident, fellow and finally the pharmacist to make sure it was safe. After talking to all three I felt fine carrying it out.

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    I am really impressed you are getting so much response with no experience. I think you should schedule an interview with any place you can and hear what they are offering before you decide. Med-surg would be an awesome foundation but I would still try to find out more information about all options before choosing.

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    I go on other internet forums too, and I think for people who don't go around posting all over the internet it can seem really weird and dangerous. And to be fair to the husband it CAN come back and bite you if you aren't careful.

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    I have never had the topic come up at work. I would probably admit I come on the forum but I wouldn't tell my username.

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    I just had jury duty and the judge did let people go who were self-employed. But they still had to report for the day and stay until the judge dismissed them.

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    Quote from staceydoodle429
    Have you imagined a world without most jobs, though? Garbage collectors, housekeepers, cab drivers, etc.
    I agree with this completely. There was a show that used to have the "get over yourself" award and unfortunately many nurses fall into this line of thinking lately.

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    Quote from anilos81
    For me it definitely feels like my passion although I am a senior nursing students I have an actually entered the workforce yet. I can definitely tell the difference between the others in my class who feel it is just a job or a paycheck and those who feel very passionate about it. I can also tell the difference between those two in the hospital. As long as patients are kept safe and treated with the proper care it doesn't really matter which category you fall into the problem I see is when those who feel it is just a paycheck or a job to provide a substandard hope is that I have able to remain passionate about nursing once I actually get a job!
    I am a little doubtful that you know what internally motivates people. I can tell you that patients and coworkers probably think I'm passionate about nursing, and for me it's a job. I like being a nurse, but it's not a passion for me. I am enthusiastic at work but I LOVE my time off.

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    Quote from SmilingBluEyes
    It was a part of MY condition of employment in my current job. We were tested for HEP B surface antigens. We deal in a lot of blood in dialysis.

    They invested a LOT in my orientation/training. 2 months' classroom education and 8 weeks' on the floor training plus 6 months preceptorship with another RN. BIG BUCK$ invested in me as a new dialysis RN (and I was not a new RN mind you, I had 14 years' acute care experience)

    You really don't know what you talking about.
    I had to have labs drawn prior to working on a pediatric chemotherapy/BMT floor. We had to have a CBC and some other things drawn, then we had them redone yearly because of our exposure to chemo.

    I don't think it was $1000 though.

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    Great job!!! And I admire your ability to concentrate for so long.

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    I wouldn't worry about it too much. What matters more in my opinion is that you ACT appropriately. To give an example not related to nursing - I had an older friend of my son who lived with our family for a few years starting when the boys were juniors in high school. I made sure to treat him the same as my kids even though I didn't feel it. What mattered to me was that each child in the family was treated as an equal, and that I was fair. I even made sure to tell him I loved him when I would tell my kids the same, just so he felt as special as they did. I believed every human should feel loved by their mother-figure.

    People worry too much about how they feel and it really doesn't matter for the most part, unless somebody is behaving in a harmful way due to lack of feelings.

    When I worked peds onc sometimes I cried after a shift when a child died, sometimes not. I always figured that was my own personal business.

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    Quote from not2bblue
    Fired, probably. She is a "good" nurse who doesn't know not to do the right thing? What this looks like is that she is not trustworthy and that is a bad quality to have in a nurse. side note- What is with all the parents asking questions about careers for their adult children? Is it just the helicopter in them that can't let go (doing it without the kid knowing) or are these kids so inept at adulthood that their parents have to help them with everything? I make my elementary age kids fight their own battles and step in as needed (obviously I handle the adult stuff) But, if you want an adult child who doesn't know how to be an adult....
    I think it is because it is so easy now to interact and research things on the internet. As a parent you worry, and it is fast and easy to go on a forum to get anwers. I shudder to myself when I think of how my mother would have been had she lived long enough to monitor me through the internet.

    OP - I think you have your answer. I am sure this is very stressful for you. I hope everything turns out for the best.