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    I make ok money as a nurse. Not rich by any means, but enough to live comfortably.

    My daughter has always been extremely driven in school, and knew she wanted to be an engineer. She is halfway through a major in computer engineering, with a minor in Chinese. She will make major money when she is finished, and the job market is good. But boy has she worked hard. I don't know if I would have been willing at her age to push myself to that extent. The difficulty level of her classes astounds me. She will probably easily double my salary, but she earned it.

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    I was a NCNS once earlier in my career. I was on a day/night rotation, and the schedule for nights was super confusing. So I thought I had to work the next night, and no showed for my shift. They were able to get a hold of me, and I came in with no sleep a few hours late for my shift. My career and I both survived the embarrassment.

    I know you feel terrible, and I did too. But it honestly isn't a career ending move if you have been a good employee. You have apologized, they have most likely forgiven you, and now you can move on from it.

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    I really like my job as a public health nurse. The hours are good, and the work is enjoyable. If you have an interest in that type of nursing, maybe you could also pick up prn shifts at your hospital to make up for the loss in pay. Then you would also have more control over your hospital schedule. The only problem is public health nursing is usually 5 days a week, so you might not feel like picking up any prn shifts.

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    I would take the second one, just because they have actually offered you a job working as an RN. No question.

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    Quote from Nyrse
    Do what you feel is best for you. Let me tell you this money is not everything, passion, commitment, and the joy of doing what you do are the factors into being a nurse. I understand you want to be their for your son and spend time and that is most important... being there for him your always going to do believe that this is just another chapter if your life that you are going into, your teacher believes in you and you just have to believe in yourself.
    Try using that line when the bill collectors come calling. I understand the sentiment of Nyrse's post, but you need to live in reality. There is a limit to your time and energy, and with a young child in the home I don't think this is a good idea. You need to concentrate on raising your child, getting through school, and yes, earning money.

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    OP - I still think it's pretty ratty for somebody to ask you about your salary, then act offended and rude toward you when you answer. I am glad you found a different job. It also sounds like you learned an unfortunate lesson - don't trust your coworkers.

    I would feel different about the situation had you just randomly started blaring your salary to everyone, but to be directly asked then punished for answering is just wrong. Very immature coworkers.

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    It is the culture of the hospital unfortunately. I worked at one of the top hospitals in my state, and that type of behavior was not tolerated. On the rare occasion it occurred the perpetrator would be informed by both nurse management and the physician in charge that it was not acceptable. I really wish every place would have those safeguards in place. I have also worked in hospitals where physicians acting rude was the norm.

    I had a physician yell once, and the next time I saw him I just pulled him aside and told him he owed me an apology. He did apologize, and even though he continued to act like an insane jerk to other people he never did it to me again. I figure he didn't want to have to apologize again.

    I decide what I will accept from people, and I do not accept abuse in any form. I just state that in a matter-of-fact way, and I have never had it continue. I don't make a big deal, or let it bother me but I do put an immediate stop to it.

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    I am a bit worried that it might make her feel uncomfortable if you regularly need to go to her floor. If you were on a totally different floor, and didn't need to go to hers that would be different. But if she isn't interested and says no then she might feel odd when she sees you.

    If you decide to do it, then mention it in a very casual way. If you take the chance I think your plan is a decent one. Move very slowly and watch her reaction to make sure she doesn't seem uncomfortable.

    As far as rumors go, I started dating somebody in the building where I work (ended up getting married), and the rumor mill was insane. I would have said I didn't care what people say, but the reality of it was way worse than what I imagined. It got old fast to be the center of attention. And the intensity of the interest was FAR more than anticipated. I really wished I didn't have to deal with it at work, but I am happy I met him so it equals out.

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    Quote from PinayUSA

    What I like about Trump is the man is a real man, he says what is on his mind and doesn't try to be politically correct.
    So often not trying to be politically correct is really just an excuse for hatred and for bigoted speech. I am happy that I don't have those kinds of horrible thoughts in my mind, and also glad that my parents taught me better than to just blare out whatever I'm thinking. To me it's not just being politically correct - it's using basic manners that should have been learned in preschool.

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    I would avoid becoming involved in this situation. She may have been fb friends with this student long before the situation happened, and may not even realize she is still friends with her. Also, other faculty may resent you monitoring their facebook pages and friends list. I can see why you feel the way you do, and I also get annoyed at these situations. But I would MYOB.

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    I like being a nurse, but I wouldn't enjoy working in assisted living either. I know nurses who love the elderly, but would hate pediatrics. There are many areas of nursing I think I would enjoy, and many I wouldn't. Definitely not a red flag to me.

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    I am also not a morning person, and getting up early is always a challenge. I have done it for the past 10 years, and it really doesn't get easier. I set 2 alarms on my phone, one for 6:43 am and one for 6:44 am. I don't let myself snooze. I get up and immediately take my shower. Usually I feel a bit better after showering. By the time I get to work at 8 am I usually feel much more awake.

    On the weekends I try to keep a somewhat earlier schedule then I would naturally prefer. I try to be up by 9:30, or 10:30 if I stay up really late. Life would probably be easier if I stuck to an even earlier schedule on the weekends, but I so look forward to my two days of sleeping later.

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    Quote from elkpark
    (What color scrubs you would be wearing is one of the considerations? Really?)
    That made me smile. It reminds me of my 20-year-old daughter.

    An hour drive each way is a long drive. I did that when I first started nursing, and it was exhausting. I would pick option one, although I would rather wear royal blue scrubs.

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    If there is an order you believe is wrong then you don't do it, but as someone else pointed out there is always another person you can ask. I had an order I was worried about from the intern, so I talked to the resident, fellow and finally the pharmacist to make sure it was safe. After talking to all three I felt fine carrying it out.

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    I am really impressed you are getting so much response with no experience. I think you should schedule an interview with any place you can and hear what they are offering before you decide. Med-surg would be an awesome foundation but I would still try to find out more information about all options before choosing.