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  • Jul 26

    what about rolling the stretcher to the ice machine and tell patient's to open his/her mouth? That's direct entry without cross contaminating!

  • Jul 26

    Quote from olcroner
    I'm looking for hospital policies about the use of ice machines. In particular, filling new or refilling ice bags used on patients. I told a student that ice bags should not be filled from the ice machines directly. New, and especially, used ice bags. She argue, adamantly, that new can be filled directly from the ice machine. I looking for something to say it's safer to fill them from a separate container.
    The only policy that matters, is YOUR facility's policy. You have a STUDENT that adamantly argues with YOU?

  • Jul 21

    I agree that you may just have to grow thicker skin. Easier said than done, I realize. But to question your entire career over rude folks? There are rude folks in every career.

  • Jul 21

    In the past I've said, "The ball is in your court, Doctor. How do you wish to proceed?"

    It is a not-so-subtle reminder that he/she is responsible for the patient's medical management and treatment decisions. It is also a good way to redirect a cranky physician who is ranting about something else, like his dinner being interrupted by my phone call.

  • Jul 18

    An ICU that is a. hiring new grads and b. giving them only 6 weeks of orientation and c. assigning preceptors who are openly hostile and resentful of their preceptees?

    There is a problem in this scenario, OP, but it isn't that you're a dumb nurse.

    By the time a unit is hiring in the pattern shown here, this may be the last experienced nurse even theoretically capable of precepting available, though obviously she is not suited to the task.

    I agree that you should go to your manager about this but I think you should also be prepared for the possibility that there will not be a happy outcome. This situation has a lot of hallmarks of a dysfunctional, desperate unit. If you are not able to resolve the issue satisfactorily or even if, in the worst case scenario, the manager takes your preceptor's view and declines to keep you on in that ICU, know that it is NOT because you are dumb, but because you were not remotely given the appropriate training to the task. On a better run unit with an appropriate preceptor, you might well find you aren't struggling to give simple answers out of sheer nervousness. If it comes down to it, finding such a unit to start your career, even if it isn't ICU, might not be a terrible idea for you.

  • Jul 15

    Oh no! What a horrible thing for all parties to be involved with! I'm so sorry to hear you had to go through this.

    I am going to make one slight edit to your title. "A 10 year old boy died, and your CPR didn't reverse that."

    If he needed CPR he had died. Unfortunately, our resuscitation techniques aren't perfect.

  • Jul 11

    Quote from Evening_Primrose
    Honestly, I've read a lot of threads here and many of them have to do with things that are overheard by nurses. Things they've heard doctors say, families of patients say, etc and I can't recall anyone being castigated about eavesdropping before quite like this. Honestly, I can practically see some people clutching their pearls and shrieking "Well, I nevah!"
    It may be that it was overheard at a zoo - not at work. The OP seemed at first to feel entitled to police nurses' every word, thought and deed on and off the job. It sure put the hairs up on the back of my neck. She later clarified that she was referring to workplace behavior, so I decided not to address it.

    IOW, it was the OP doing the pearl-clutching to start with.

    ETA: I hold many opinions that co-workers would find hurtful or offensive. On the job, I hold my tongue, even when asked. As a charge nurse, I let staff know very clearly that gossip can become a formal disciplinary matter if it creates a hostile workplace. BUT off the job, my speech and opinions are my own and I don't feel under any obligation to censor them because some one else thinks nurses aren't supposed to think or speak that way.

  • Jul 11

    Some would find it offensive that you gawk at caged animals for entertainment and eavesdrop on other people's conversations.

  • Jun 27

    I'm a hardcore night person who made the switch to working daylight hours within the past year. I never obtain enough sleep simply because I cannot fall asleep at a 'normal' time of night.

    To awaken in the morning I set the alarm, muddle through the morning with my coffee to avoid feeling groggy, and just suck it up. If left to my natural devices, I'd sleep in until noon every day.

  • Jun 23

    I lost 210 pounds in one day.

    i kicked the first husband out.

  • Jun 22

    Quote from NOADLS
    What disgusts me most is the Barack HUSSEIN Obama presents this as a gun issue. The issue at hand is radicalized Muslims. I can spot a conflict of interest from miles away.

    The fact that this was an attack on LGBT individuals is extraneous to the big issue at hand.
    Candy crush has addled your brain - the thread is about the Orlando murders, not Obama.

  • Jun 21

    Quote from lifelearningrn
    Christians are a hated minority here and in the world? Are you from planet earth? I have a Christian church on just about ever street corner where I live. My kids and I counted over 200 CHRISTIAN churches on our last road trip, which was about 200 miles round trip. Last I checked, being a Christian doesn't make you hated, or even CLOSE to a minority.
    Nationally seven in ten people identify as Christian, about 23% are religiously unaffiliated, and 6% are some other religion. According to Pew the US is "home to more Christians than any other country in the world." So there's a really good chance that in actuality Kooky's getting heat from his fellow Christians as often if not more than from the rest of us. Which would mean his beliefs are unpopular even within his professed religion.

    Personally I'm sympathetic to people who can manage to be the massively dominant religion and still consider themselves the underdog. It requires a level of mental gymnastics that I find I'm not limber enough to perform.

  • Jun 21

    Rape is not a normal response to an intoxicated, provocatively dressed woman. Rape is not a normal response to any man, woman, or child, no matter what the circumstances are. Rape is not a normal response, period. Something is seriously wrong with any person who feels he or she has to "hold back" in order not to rape.

  • Jun 21

    By the way, if it takes "total self control" to stop oneself from raping an intoxicated female, I'd say some introspection and heavy duty therapy is in order.

  • Jun 21

    Quote from Kooky Korky
    So you expect that a woman may do the things we've been talking about here - and I don't know if she did them or not (excessive ETOH, showing off her body excessively, going off alone with Turner), but a man must remain totally self-controlled at all times. Sounds like the double standard has been turned around.
    No actually, they don't. They just need to NOT RAPE. Simple as that!

    I expect that if a women drinks excessively, "shows off her body" (whatever the heck that means), and walks outside a party with a man, and then falls to the ground unconscious, that he should shout "Help! This woman needs medical attention!" I most certainly do NOT expect him to fall upon her, insert body parts, grass, and pine needles into her body, and hump on her, because that would be RAPE.

    Get it now?