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The Little Round Thing

One more month! Then I would be free from the little white dress with purple piping that contoured a shape in the uniform that didn't match my shape. Our student nursing uniforms didn't seem to match a shape out of the twenty five of us. Besides which the skirts were too short, the collars too high and the dress made an out loud statement to everyone that we were only students. When I started that day it seemed the paramount thing to me just to get rid of the dress by passing my state... Read More →

My Patient, Mr. Stud Muffin

He was not bad looking, a little over average height. He had dark hair and though it wasn't thick and wavy or anything like that, it was nice - thicker than most men and brown. He had brown hair and I think his eyes were a dark blue. He had a pretty good build on him that caused us nurses in our twenties to call him a "Stud Muffin". That was in 1999. The reason I can't describe him better is because he was my patient. I was working at not getting emotionally involved with each "person" who... Read More →

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