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    Hey, all!

    I'm currently in the ABSN May 2009 cohort and will be completing the program soon (seven more weeks!)
    I saw that someone from another cohort posted on here that you should start reading the Med Surg book. My advice would be to relax and enjoy the time that you have before the program starts because once it does, you'll have little time to do other things outside of nursing. The book can be overwhelming, and not everything in the book is covered or emphasized in class, so if you choose to purchase and read the book in advance, please be mindful of this! Personally, I read the book to supplement what I learned in class, and the teachers specified specific pages to read in the book. Also, the same book covers content for the first semester and a half (though I used it as a reference throughout the entirety of the program) which is A LOT of material! However, everyone has a different learning style My main advice: relax and use this time to enjoy other things like friends and family before you neglect them for a year!

    my email is for anyone interested.

    good luck!

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    To be clear, I was commenting on my experience with morning traffic in that area, not so much on the evening rush hour traffic. I never said that the 110 was better than the 10 during evening rush because it clearly isn't. However, from my experience, 10E in the morning is pretty much just as bad as 110. As Livenlearn mentioned, LA traffic is just really bad, and I completely agree that having to be at school and clinicals by 7 will help us avoid traffic.

    Good luck to everyone! Hope to see you in class (on time!)

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    I agree that the 110 can be a nightmare, but you also have to consider the time of day that you'll be on it. I had to commute to Santa Monica from Pasadena every morning and the 25 mile commute took 1 hour and 15 minutes at 7:00 a.m driving through downtown (2S, 5S, 110S, 10E). Pasadena is about 10-15 miles away from downtown and in the morning I would be downtown in about 30 minutes. I also found that traffic is considerably less just 10-15 minutes before 7:00 a.m, and, according the info session, classes will start 7:00 a.m. I would say that morning traffic gets increasingly worse after 7:00 a.m.

    I've also driven to MSMC at 5:00 p.m (prime traffic time!!) and it only took 20 minutes because everyone was heading home and therefore away from downtown.

    As for taking the 10, it's just as bad as taking the 110 just before/just after work hours. Anything headed toward downtown is a nightmare because that's where everyone is basically headed from all directions. It's all about timing!

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    i got a medium? that's so odd! i wonder why they distributed the sizes the way they did. maybe on the first day of class we can all exchange sizes haha.

    also, i thought the acceptance letter meant that a second package was going to arrive containing financial aid information. i believe that that's how it was for last year's class as well, but i think it'd be best to call and confirm.

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    I, too, won't hear from the other schools until march, dmskoka. i guess we'll have to cough up the $400? i'm not sure how that works. let me know what you plan on doing, but right now i guess we have no other choice?

    to everyone looking for housing: i live 10-15 minutes away from msmc. don't feel like you have to stick to the 90007 zip code unless you want to be super close to campus. there are a lot of safer/cheap options in the surrounding areas! morning traffic won't be a problem (classes start at 7:00 a.m from what i remember and traffic at that time is not bad) but traffic back home might be, turning a 10-15 minute commute into maybe 30 or so minutes (especially during rush hour.)

    (btw, i live in the glendale/pasadena area.)

    congratulations to everyone!! hope to see you in may!

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    I received an interview invitation yesterday (December 10) in the early afternoon, so they're definitely still sending out invitations (as of yesterday, at least.) Hope this helps!

    Also, has anyone gone to an interview? What were the questions like? I'm so nervous!

    Good luck to everyone here!!

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    did anyone else get an interview email?