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    Would you be interested in a mission trip to an orphanage in China in October 2016? Let me know and I'd be happy to send some information.

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    [FONT=Open Sans, verdana, sans-serif][COLOR=#000000]Hello, [/COLOR][/FONT]
    [FONT=Open Sans, verdana, sans-serif][COLOR=#000000]I know your post was from last year, but would you consider volunteer opportunity in North Central China working in an orphanage? I am an RN working in home care and have three daughters who joined our family through adoption from China. I have lead a team to China twice in the last two years and will be going back from October 13-23, 2016. During the trip we show love and care for the children, support the nannies, and do physical and developmental assessments on the children to help increase the amount of information available to families interested in adopting. In many cases information about a child could be incomplete and this could lead many children not be considered for adoption. My team is in need of nurses and other medical professionals. Pediatric experience is helpful, but not necessary (I work with the geriatric population, myself).[/COLOR][/FONT]

    [FONT=Open Sans, verdana, sans-serif][COLOR=#000000]The trip is coordinated by America World Adoption Association, a Christian based adoption agency which is well respected in China. If you're interested, please check out the mission's site at [/COLOR][/FONT]Storyteller Missions Trips : China (Gansu) October 2016 - Gosnell-Stanghellini
    Thanks for any interest!
    Dave Stanghellini

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    I know your post was from last year, but would you consider volunteer opportunity in North Central China working in an orphanage? I am an RN working in home care and have three daughters who joined our family through adoption from China. I have lead a team to China twice in the last two years and will be going back from October 13-23, 2016. The trip is coordinated by America World Adoption Association, a Christian based adoption agency which is well respected in China. If you're interested, please check out the mission's site at Storyteller Missions Trips : China (Gansu) October 2016 - Gosnell-Stanghellini
    Thanks for your interest!

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    If you like China, maybe an organization called Love Without Boundaries. It is an orphan care program in China founded by mothers of children adopted from China. I volunteer for the group online and they have many people who help facilitate donations, child update reports, etc. However, they do have "healing homes" all over China as well as hospitals there that they are affiliated with. Many children from orphanages go to have heart surgery, cleft lip repair, anal atresia repair, to name just a few. You might want to check with them. Their website is Love Without Boundaries

    If you wound up interest in a short term mission, I am going back to China on Mission from October 13-26, 2016 to a city in Northern China called Qingyang. There my team will spend about 6-7 days working with the children and nannies and provide assessments to "bullk" up the information in children's medical files. It is hoped that the more complete a file, the more likelihood that a child will be adopted.

    We are coordinated through America World Adoption Assoc (AWAA) a Christian-based adoption agency that has as its missionary arm Storyteller Missions. Let me know if you'd like more information.


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    My name is Dave Stanghellini and I am an RN who works in home care and education. I am the dad to three daughters my wife and I adopted from China. Because we have been so blessed, I felt called to work in orphan care and I have been fortunate to travel to China on Mission in 2014 and 2015. I am also leading a trip this year from October 13-23, 2016.

    The trip is coordinated by America World Adoption, a Christian adoption agency who has a Mission branch called Storyteller Mission. During these missions we go to care and show love to the children of the orphanage, assist the nannies, and help to assess the children. While some people might think of a mission as a trip to go to convert others, this is not its purpose. We do not go to proselytize but to share Christian fellowship as a team and bear witness of our faith through our actions.

    We need nurses and other medical professionals. Because children files sometimes contain incomplete or incorrect information, assessments help to expand the information available to prospective adoptive parents. In addition, the children we meet are helped by us returning to the States and telling their story (thus the name "Storyteller Mission"). Directly through these missions over 80 children have been adopted in the last two years. Many other adoptions have ben facilitated by the information we have gathered.

    For additional information about Storyteller Missions, please see it on the America World Adoption site: Storyteller Missions Trips : China (Gansu) October 2016 - Gosnell-Stanghellini

    Thank you for your interest! Please consider joining and brining a friend! If you have any questions, please contact me



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    First of all, for full disclosure, I am a Catholic Christian. I think it is horrible how some of your co-workers treated you. Beliefs or not, you are a human being and people have no right to belittle you for your beliefs. If anything, it is completely un-Christian. That being said, I respect that you feel strongly that you do not wish to mislead anyone by pretending to hold beliefs you do not have and asking someone who is of similar faith to pray with your patient. I think that is ideal and is respectful to both your patient and yourself. If there are not people with that you could ask (without a snarky answer), taking the time to be present to your patient in a moment of silence seems like the best solution. Like others who posted, I would not recommend leading a prayer for something you don't believe in. You must be true to yourself.

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    Quote from Morganalefey
    So, I just typed out a whole long post and my lap top deleted it! UGH!

    Let's try this again....
    I've been a nurse for almost 2 years. For the last 16mos I've been working in the hospital on a telemetry until. In March I dropped my status to PRN and accepted a school nurse job.

    I'm at a total loss for what I'm looking for in nursing.
    I love the problem solving/critical thinking at the hospital. I hate the long hours, and the mandatory OT. Staffing has not gotten any better in 16mos, they can not keep nurses.

    I love my hours and the low stress at the school, but I dislike that I am SO sedentary at that job. I sit on my butt most of the day!! I also don't love working 5 days/week. The pay is very low as well.

    I was chit-chatting w/a friend from nursing school the other day, she has been doing HH for most of the time we've been out of school, and she just raved about it. She loves her job. She makes more then I do at the hospital and double what I make at the school. So now I'm considering looking into HH.

    I'm going to be honest. I don't know what I'm looking for in nursing. The "ideal" job that doesn't exist? I have 3, young, school-aged children, my priority is to be w/my family as much as I can. I'm not the bread winner in my household so I have flexibility to work part-time and to find what I really want (if I could figure out what that was!) My husband is very supportive, but is getting to the point of asking me what it is I'm looking for. He wants me to do whatever will make me happy. I want to do what is best for our family.

    So, I guess I'm looking for the good, the bad, and the ugly of HH. I've been browsing your forum, and seen lots of things that look promising.

    And if any one has any words of wisdom, or can relate to, this feeling of being lost in nursing, I'd appreciate hearing that as well!

    Thanks everyone!

    I work in HH as a staff educator for a mid sized agency. I work mainly with nurses new to home care. I have worked full time as a field nurse for about 3 years. I love HH because it gives you an opportunity to have a very significant impact on people's lives once they are out of the hospital.

    The good...flexible hours, ability to spend more or less time with patients as needed, autonomy, satisfaction of working with patients and family to make life better for them, ability to teach.

    The bad...paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. Medicare requires a lot of paperwork. Many agencies are on electronic record so it is easier. If your agency is on electronic documents and you are not computer literate, will be very difficult.

    The ugly...driving in all sort of weather, people who don't put away dogs or cats, people sometimes are not interested in helping themselves and can make the environment of care frustrating at times...

    I have worked in both the hospital and the field and, hands down, believe HH is a very good field to be in. If you have different obligations, I would recommend that you try it as a Fee-for-service nurse. There is even more flexibility there and, most likely, you will not have to Case Manage. Case Management carries some additional requirements with paperwork. If you wanted to test the waters, working fee for service is probably your best bet.

    Good luck!


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    Very good article. I work in staff education and see some horrible resumes from time to time. They really leave a bad impression and leave me to think that if they are this bad in expressing themselves, how well will they be caring for our patients and how well will they be documenting their interventions. I teach part time at a local school and will share this advice with my students. Thanks!

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    Well said, Hex. Respect is definitely a two way street.

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    Same here, not.done.yet. I am a Catholic as well. I never claimed to have the keys to the Kingdom. My faith (as well as my profession) have taught me to be respectful of all people. I am not one to judge because I am not all knowing. I am not smug in my faith nor do I look down upon others for their beliefs. I wish the same consideration were given by those people who claim no religion and yet belittle those who have faith in something greater than themselves.

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    Thanks for your comments, couldn't have said it better myself!

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    Hello All,

    I was looking for references regarding the use and storage of normal saline once opened in the home care setting. I know that ns was only "good" for 24hrs in the hospital setting. However, I have gotten conflicting information regarding its use in home care. Some resources I have seen say that ns is usable for 7days after opening while others state that a bottle of ns can be used for 30 days. Can anyone shed some light?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Med terminology was my first class for my nursing school pre-requisites. I found it extremely useful. I use the terminology everyday. I'm very surprised when I run into people who never had the class for nursing school.

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    Great points. How I wish some of the seasoned nurses I worked with could understand. Why drive people away? These folks will be our coworkers and maybe one day our own nurse. The golden rule still applies...

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    I am in NY, but I have heard much of what you are hearing in CA. Our hospital is interested in BSN prepared nurses. I work in home care and my agency only accepts RN, BSN nurses as well. I had gotten my RN (after having a BA much earlier) and decided to stay in school to finish the BSN out took a lot of work, but I appreciated the wider appreciation of different aspects of nursing. I have gotten into staff education after being a field nurse and I thought the wider focus definitely helped me. If you have a chance to go for the BSN, I would encourage you to do it (especially if you are just starting out...I did my BSN when it was just my wife and myself before my girls came along). Good luck to you!