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  • May 12 '13

    almost everything in this post is wrong....2 states do not accept ec and there are some others with is not online and is just as cheap or cheaper than your local community college . i think my total cost was something like $5500 to 6 k the cpne is not complicated it is basic nursing but requires don't prepare the right was expect to fail. it is a shame that people on this site post and don't know the facts. it discourages people from making an informed decision....

    Quote from summitap
    expensive, all online no clinicals, so lots of states won't give you a license unless you go arrange clinicals on your own (good luck) or work in another state for a year or two first... and some states just won't give you a license at all ever. also, there is a complex practical exam you have to pass that is very very very easy to fail multiple times and costs lots of money to retake. that's all i know.

  • May 10 '13

    I passed FCCA (new format- took both classes at same time) in August 2012, took my CPNE in December and passed- 1st time, officially graduated Feb 15, 2013 and took and passed NCLEX March 13th, 2013 and I start in the ER as an RN April 8th!! Don't be discouraged- it CAN be done- I recommend Sheri Taylor's workshop- she is a life saver- did online and went to onsite in Atlanta on Oct 2012- couldn't have done it without her!! It's all about practice, practice, practice!!!!

  • Feb 9 '13

    Quote from laceygirl
    thats funny, here own staff member had to take the cpne twice lol
    I really don't see how anyone failing the CPNE is ever funny... But I also know some fantastic nurses who took two or even all three attempts to pass.

  • Feb 3 '13

    I Co sign on what Beach says. I only used Sherri's online and also passed the CPNE @ Southern Regional with one PCS repeat all because I got distracted during care. Olga, sorry you didn't have a good experience bit not everyone shares your opinion.

  • Dec 23 '12

    Can us Excelsior nursing grads even visit California? Lol? I heard there MSN is approximately 12-18 months.

  • Nov 18 '12

    Quote from mclennan
    Um...yeah....definitely attending WGU MSN program. Sorry it's easier for some and harder for others. I am not busting my ass or being challenged at all. Everyone is different, but seriously, if you are struggling through a program this simple, I am sorry. It requires very, VERY basic research and writing skills that any of us should have learned in high school and nursing school - and that's about it. Get real. It's not that hard.

    You are unreal.
    And probably one of those on the "secret" Facebook page asking for answers and getting ticked when you get emails from WGU about cheating.....

    Just my $0.02.

  • Nov 9 '12

    Haha, that's great about your grandson. I can't imagine being able to finish school after going through what you did. Congrats again!

    PS. I'm not on any hard stuff yet, but I have had to start taking Zantac every day .

  • Jun 21 '12

    At times you may get frustrated and discouraged whether you didn't do well on a practice exam, or failed a real exam, please don't give up on yourself! I took my NCLEX-RN today (won't know for 48hrs if I passed, which sucks) But I know I wouldn't have been here had I not kept perservering through this program!

    I had to take months off for family stuff or personal stuff, but that was the great thing about EC! I stumbled and bumbled my way through the first few exams, then found my study path and zipped through a bunch. Got burnt out by the time I hit LS3 and failed it, not once but TWICE...took some time off, got back into the swing of things and then passed it with a B!

    Many times I got frustrated when people didn't know what EC was, or made snide comments about how you couldnt be a 'real' nurse if you did it online. I just smiled and nodded and watch them struggle through clinicals and classes while i could sit at home or at the park with my kids and study!

    Check out facebook and link up with others here that are going through the same thing you are. I met 4 other women and over this past 2yrs have become very close to them. We took a workshop together and all passed our CPNE around the same time.

    Just remember you can do this, you got this, and you were made for this!

  • May 17 '12

    Great JOB Cathy, again it was great meeting you at Utica!!! Im glad we left with what we worked so hard to get!

    Tina Logan said i might have CPNE withdrawals because i still pop up at her site. And we are both still on the CPNE discussion board!!!, we need therapy.

    John D. GN

  • May 13 '12

    I drove 6 hours from Virginia to Mansfield for my CPNE. Listened to myself saying my mnemonics on a tape recorder the whole way. Haha. Was so sick of myself by the time I arrived!

  • Apr 11 '12

    Quote from CathyLPN2RN
    Welcome to the !! LOL
    Ha.....I have Phenergan for that

  • Jan 30 '12

    Yay!!! There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it's not a train!! Good luck!

  • Jan 30 '12

    Quote from CathyLPN2RN
    Thanks Lunah and glad you cleared that up because on a daily basis I really think that light is a train!!
    SOOOOOOO Happy for you...I just want 2/8 to hurry up and get here so I can take LS2 then book LS3 for March 1-5th then i am DONE with all exams!!!! exept FCCA....but at least once THAT is done I can apply for Albany for hopefully late summer. We are getting there!! I will have the same nausea/excitement too.

  • Jul 4 '11

    hear me...xanax and whiskey!!!!!

  • May 15 '11

    Here's my opinion for what it's worth. Excelsior College is NOT for everyone and neither is the traditional brick and mortar program for everyone. The bottom line is this .... NOT EVERYONE IS CUT OUT TO BE A NURSE!! That's the plain and simple truth. As far as the CPNE horror stories you read about, I'm sorry...I don't believe them. Is the CPNE subjective? Absolutely, but that is no different from clinicals in a traditional school. One of my close friends is a clinical instructor at a local community college that I attended for my pre-reqs. Imagine my surprise when I heard a bunch of nursing students discussing how "intimidating and mean" my friend was as an instructor. LOL....he is seriously the nicest person in the world and we worked side by side as nurses for many years before he went on for his masters degree! I couldn't believe they were talking about him that way and I couldn't wait to tell him about his "scary" reputation. He told me that the students that find him mean or intimidating are always the ones who aren't prepared and always have an excuse for why they aren't doing well. Bottom line, they found it easier to blame the instructor instead of taking responsibility for their own actions. I think the same can be said for the CPNE. I knew walking into that CPNE that I was totally prepared and that if I failed it would NOT be for lack of preparation. I found the CE's and CA at York hospital to be extremely fair and encouraging. Was it the scariest most stressful situation of my life? Absolutely, but it was also VERY doable. I have so much respect for those people who have failed the CPNE and instead of making excuses they try to fix what didn't work before and pass the second or third time around. I love people like that! I have ADD and a learning disability in math....I had to pay hundreds of dollars to a licensed grade school psychologist to agree to test me for learning disabilities so I could get extra time on my chemistry and algebra classes. I sat in Sylvan learning center twice a week for 2 months with grade school kids to get tutoring in math. It was humiliating, I cried every time I left there but I passed all my classes. So forgive me if I don't have much sympathy for people who complain and try to place the blame for their failures on everyone but themselves. Sorry this is so long, but I just can't stand people who scare other people away from a totally doable program because they themselves were unsuccessful. My graduation date is May 20, 2011 and I will be happy to help anyone who needs it along the way!