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  • Jan 3

    I understand I got totally overwhelmed when I applied for CPNE finally decided I had to break it down or I would just dissolve in a puddle of tears. So I started with reading the CPNE study guide all the way through - then kept out Section 4 and highlighted and tabbed areas I wanted to review.

    Then I started with labs - got a swim noodle I cut up and used for body parts (arm for IV push, taped 2 together for thigh to give IM injection, one for arm for IV drip and one with navel drawn on it for sub q injection) and set up each lab and practiced one every day. I laminated the sheets used for the labs and wrote on them each time so I got so used to it I could do it in my sleep and sometimes I think I did!!

    After I felt comfortable with labs - a few weeks, I then started on Care Plans. I took Sherri Taylor's workshop online and each week she sent 2 care plan scenarios we had to write care plans for and send back to her. Seriously never thought I would figure them out but within a few months I could write them without the Mosby's book!! But trust me I used that book during my CPNE!!

    Finally started working CPNE scenarios, I had a whole list that I cut up and put in a bowl and would pick one each day and work all the way through, write care plan, do grid, assessments and write documentation.

    Also kept a dry erase board next to my chair and practiced my grids while watching TV each night. Also read all I could on allnurses-searched CPNE and read every post - found some great info great ideas!

    By breaking it all down I learned each step and at then end all came together. Passed CPNE and now I am an RN!!!

    Good Luck and if you have any questions just ask-we are all here to help!!