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    I guess.
    As a new grad my top two choices were L&D and NICU. I got an L&D job but didn't LOVE it like I thought I would.
    I took some time off after having my son and then worked mother/baby.
    But I recently got a job offer for the NICU!
    I hope I love it as much as I think I will!

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    Quote from Lisa.fnp

    96 sets assorted and 10 royal blue 10 whites tops and pants not pictured. Funny thing is I haven't worn them in a few years now that I'm in primary care.

    Ok this makes me feel less guilty about the 20 tops I've bought in the past few weeks!
    (Only 11 can be worn year round though because the rest are Halloween or Christmas.)

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    How many scrubs do you own?

    I've always had to wear hospital scrubs or a certain color.
    I have a job offer for a NICU position in a children's hospital and they have no dress code.
    I'm so excited!!!
    I'm becoming addicted to buying Disney and holiday scrub tops on eBay!

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    I may need to scratch LA off my list...

    Is San Diego as bad?

    In CA I may want to stick to SF and just do public transport.

    Southern CA weather would be nice though...

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    I'm from Manhattan and didn't get my license till I was almost 30. I now live in a small town in SC and have to drive every day but driving on highways or in big cities makes me nervous.
    I feel like this may be a limiting factor in where I can go for travel nursing..
    In theory would love to go to LA, San Diego, Phoenix, Houston but don't think I could handle driving there and they strike me as places you really NEED a car.

    If I were to go to SF, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, DC... I think I could get by fine with no car.

    What are some good places to travel to where you don't need a car or where driving is easy?

    Is it possible to do an assignment somewhere like LA, San Diego, Houston or Phoenix and get an apt walking distance to a hospital?

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    My background is high risk L&D at a large teaching hospital.
    Right now I work mother/baby in a small hospital.
    When I told my colleagues that I got a job in a busy level IV NICU in a teaching hospital the reactions were mixed..
    Some seemed happy, some seemed concerned for me. "Have you ever worked NICU before?" was a question I got a lot. No but I'm very interested in it and motivated to learn and they're going to give me 10 weeks of orientation and start me out slow. Nurses change specialities all the time not sure why this is such a radical idea.
    A lot of comments about how that will be a different world and really challenging.
    Yeah I know. But I came from a teaching hospital and feel a lot more comfortable in that environment where you always have backup.
    At my current hospital we had a 25 week triage patient get stat sectioned for an abruption. There was ONE NICU nurse there and the neonatologist rushed in from home. Baby was stabilized but died the next day. THAT is a lot scarier place to me than a busy level IV NICU.
    Sorry for the vent.
    Just curious if others had similar experiences when they told other nurses they wanted to do NICU.
    I know NICU is not for everyone and can be a very intimidating place.
    It's shaken my confidence a bit though. Am worried that it will end up being too much for me which would be sad since this is my dream job and am really excited.

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    Got a job offer at a level IV NICU!!!
    It's been my dream job forever and now I can't believe it's actually happening!
    Even though I have L&D and Mother/Baby experience this is a whole different animal.
    Hoping it will be a smooth transition and I love it as much as I think I will!

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    Personally I'm planning to start as an empty nester. (My son is 3)
    Maybe will take an assignment a few hours away in a couple years to get my feet wet.
    Then could travel home often.
    Taking a child on the road and homeschooling isn't for us though some do it.

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    Also do I give notice to my current job when I get the contingent offer from HR?
    Or is it customary to wait until background check etc is complete and you sign paperwork?
    Because if those are a few weeks apart that might affect my start date since I want to give two weeks notice.

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    I got an unofficial job offer and the manager said I should get an official one from HR next week. And that the HR process can take 4-5 weeks for background check etc which would put us at mid June.
    I'm thinking of asking if I could start the 2nd week of July.
    I'm scheduled at my current PRN job through June and then had already planned a trip for late June-first week of July.
    I didn't tell the manager about it during the interview. I just tried to feel her out about when she'd want me to start and after she said it would take a month or so I said "so June or July?" and she said yes.
    Was thinking when I start discussions with HR about orientation details I'll ask them if I can start with the July group. Or better to ask manager first?

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    You don't have to pick a speciality while still in school and can always change after working for awhile. Great thing about nursing!
    I don't remember about acceptance, sorry. I graduated in 2009.
    Don't remember any official study groups but I made my own with my friends!

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    Are you doing prereqs first semester or did you already do those?

    It's intense and you have to study a lot and not a lot of time to work on the side or during the summer.
    But I liked it and awesome neighborhood!
    I got a job at NYPresbyterian in L&D after I graduated.

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    I went there! Any questions in particular?

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    I did this exact same thing. My NY license was still current.
    It's a pain. You need fingerprints, transcript, several forms of ID, and proof that you worked as a nurse in the past few years (which sounds like you don't have so you may need to do continuing Ed and submit that)
    Info is on GA BON. Good luck!

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    I would say postpartum of all the inpatient specialties.
    It's soooo much less stressful than L&D for sure....
    I'd guess outpatient surgery would be relatively low stress but never worked it myself. (Especially if you have the job where you just admit the patients. I think that exists in some places)