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Joined Oct 29, '08 - from 'Ohio'. RetrieverGirl is a RN. She has '7' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'Med/surg tele, oncology, home health'. Posts: 205 (31% Liked) Likes: 118

I have 7 years of health care experience. I worked as an aide in LTC and home care and have experience in behavioral health as a program facilitator prior to achieving an RN. I currently work as a med/surg telemetry RN and also specialize in oncology as my full time career. I still work PRN at the mental health therapeutic farm, and also serve as an RN Supervisor for the Ohio Wavier Program where I oversee LPNs working independently in home care while under my direction. I have plans in the near future to obtain my masters degree in nursing, but for now I enjoy wearing many hats.

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