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  • Jan 9

    I always charted..."pt resting with eyes closed, no distress noted, RR regular and nonlabored." We did vital signs q 4 hr also.

  • Jun 10 '17

    Well, I press my finger on the skin and if it leaves pitting, then its edema. Its measured from +1 - +4. Although there is nonpitting edema, which I dont understand. But sock marks, in my opinion, doesnt mean edema. My socks leave marks and I definitely dont have edema.

  • Apr 28 '17

    I hated floor nursing too. I did it for almost 5 years. I worked telemetry, med/surg, ICU, etc. I didnt like any of it. I now do home health and love it. The pay is even better. I dont see myself ever going back to floor nursing in the future, unless something happens and I HAVE to.