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  • Jan 19

    I am in no way saying what happened was ok, but you will get the same type of attitude no matter WHERE you work in nursing. On the floor, nurses will gossip about patients all day at the nurses station or in the lounge. OR people say stuff in the room. You will probably find yourself blabbing innappropriatly about a patient one stressful day. It's the nature of working with patients all day, every day. No it shouldnt happen, but unfortunately it does. I try to make it a habit to think of my patients always being able to hear me, no matter if they are asleep or not.

  • Aug 14 '17

    meditech, worst system in the world!

  • Apr 30 '17

    Quote from Tyler77
    1) Please remove the chip from your shoulder. On graduation day, the student with the 4.0 and the students who just barely passed will all get the diploma.
    2) I get a feeling that you have a sense of entitlement from all of your qualifications. That's your downfall.
    3) You were "more qualified" than some of your other classmates? Was this something you decided yourself? Your "less qualified" peer got ahead of you in the externship, so I think you need to "demote" yourself back down to the level of your peers. Peers=equals.

    You need to do your own reality check--it's not your credentials that are limiting you--it's you. Sounds like career services didn't say what YOU wanted them to say, and that only adds fuel to the fire.
    I did not get this vibe at all from the OP. Sounds like you've got a chip on your shoulder....perhaps you did not have a good GPA as the OP?? lol, chill out. She came looking for advice, not a lecture.

  • Apr 10 '17

    These kind of posts amaze me.
    If any young, new nurse writes a post stating that a bunch of old, crotchety nurses are mean to them, well then they get ripped a new one. But when its the other way around....hey...its ok.

    I've noticed its popular to be judgemental of newer nurses on this forum. But never to older ones.

    There is nothing wrong with being a new nurse who is excited to take care of patients and have a great personality. Just my two cents.

  • Apr 8 '17

    Quote from RNdynamic
    Commuter, try to follow what's going on. That was my point. All I did was take your thread title and insert opposite adjectives to the stereotypical ones that your title included. If it's wrong in one situation, then it's wrong in all situations. By saying it's silly of me to stereotype by mirroring your very own thread, you're sort of negating all of what you originally said.
    Thank you. That is exactly what I was trying to convey. You can't have it both ways. Ageism is wrong, no matter what age you are biased against.