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  • Mar 31

    I work in acutes and no i do not believe that one should be familiar with the machines and etc, we are there to dialyze but the ICU and CCU nurses are still the primary RNs in charge of their care. When we come they don't leave, they check in on us and sometimes monitor the patient the whole time as is their job.

    Even if we were to learn the machines in the ICU i'm sure it would not be in our dialysis contracts to even touch those ventilator machines. If something wrong were to happen the hospital would blame the dialysis RNs for messing with ICU least thats what I would think.

  • Nov 7 '15

    You know I have to admit. Alot of nurses initiate and totally worship doctors. I'v noticed alot of the nurses i've worked with laying it on thick with the doctors. that ones that didn't actually got more respect from me. All the doctors we have are respectable but they do like that extra attention but i never give them any. I just like to do my work plus..i'm just one of those nurses that doesnt have a thing for matter if they're cute or loaded with money. dont know why....the white lab coats just doesnt do it for me. I'm pretty attractive but i never got into the whole flirting flirting at work? I'd like to keep my reputation at work professional.