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    I'm interested to know in which companies offer HEDIS from home. I've only seen field positions for this. Any info would be helpful! Thanks.

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    OP--Can I ask which company you are working for?

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    That was part of my question; the difference between counselor, consultant, educator, etc. I think I have a firm grasp on it right now. As far as not seeing myself becoming IBCLC certified in the future, I'm just wanting to take steps right now to determine if it is something I want to pursue. Because of this, I went ahead and enrolled in a program that will give me 45 credit hours and a good taste of what the field entails. My main goal is to get a job on a PP floor and I know this will be beneficial and crucial to that. Thank you for your help everyone!

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    Thanks for the info! I have an email out to UCSD to get a little more detail. Their next online course starts 6/30 and I was hoping to start before then. Sounds like a great program though!

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    I'm trying very hard to get into postpartum nursing and I want to take a lactation consultant course to beef up my resume. I've been doing some research and I have a few questions. Is there a difference between lactation counselor and lactation consultant? I will need to take an online course and I'm looking at Lactation Education Resources, Health-E-Learning, and Breastfeeding Support Consultants. I don't envision going and getting my ICBLC (sorry if I butchered that) certification in the future so I'm leaning towards the Lac Education Resources one.

    Any and all info is greatly appreciated!

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    I love the "wiggly-puppy stage" visual. Stay positive and you will do fine!

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    I would definitely contact HR. It sounds like you could apply for other positions in the hospital. If L&D isn't a good fit then something else will be. Is this a large hospital? Is it a health system where you could apply for a nursing position at another hospital of theirs?

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    I am so sorry to hear this! I know it is difficult, but I'm sure the right fit is out there for you.

    Hang in there!

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    I just got hired on to do Utilization Review at a hospital. I haven't started yet so I can't speak to whether or not I will like/love it, but I had to get away from floor nursing. I've only been at it 15 months and I just can't do it anymore for all the reasons you state and then some. I am starting in UR very part-time but she will add more shifts in for me as the department grows. Good luck to you...I feel your angst.

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    I am almost done with GCU and I have never had two papers due the same week. Also, the longest paper I've ever had to write was between 1,000-1,250 words. Honestly, that is not that bad and not even close to 10 pages. The hardest class for me was stats, but other than that it has been doable. I work a .7 and my kids are 18 and 20 so I don't have little ones around. I'm not sure how UTA is laid out, but I like GCUs 5-week class format. No matter how much you dislike the's only 5 weeks! I have been pleased with the instructors. I think there has been one that was not very responsive, but overall they have been responsive and helpful. So other than stats I have been happy!

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    Hello All-
    I have looked through previous reviews for Unival and their chart review positions. Most of it seems negative but dated. Does anyone have current experience with this company? I sent in my resume and got an email back with all the paperwork to get started. I am hesitant...

    Thanks for any information!

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    Here is how I do it;

    DQ1: Original post Wednesday plus two responses. Two more responses Thursday. Two more responses on Friday.
    DQ2: Original post Friday plus two responses. Two more responses Saturday. Two more responses Sunday.


    Sunday midnight GCU time is the deadline.

    Hope this helps clear things up a little.

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    This is what I do; First DQ needs to be in by Wednesday. You can post it anytime before that. Usually I post it on Tuesday. Then I do 2 responses to 2 other students on 3 separate days. So I will have a total of 7 posts for DQ1 (my original and 6 responses to 6 different students). DQ2 needs to be in by Friday and same thing. I typically post this one on Thursday or Friday. Six responses for this one too and has to be done 3 separate days. Every due time is by midnight AZ time. So basically you are responded to a DQ every day and overlapping some. DQs also are not just, "I agree! Great post!" kind of responses. You have to show thought and effort. You need to reference your sources, too. It is not overwhelming. The initial DQs take some time because you need to actually do a little research typically.
    Hope this helps!

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    I did take stats and it was hard! I am not a math person at all and struggle with math anxiety. I didn't like the format of online learning for stats but it is what it is. I used the Khan Academy tutorials (they are what you learn from) and they were pretty helpful. I also had to use youtube on occasion. IMO, that is not how stats should be taught. My advice is ask questions often if you are struggling. You can utilize a tutor, too. If you have someone in your real life that understands stats then ask for help. I'm not saying any of this to scare you guys and I did get an A in the class...I just feel like it is a difficult format for learning this material. Good luck to you all!!!

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    I am currently taking my fifth class at GCU and I have had absolutely no problems. I even had a family emergency during my last class and thought for sure I would have to drop. With the encouragement of my instructor I stuck it out and finished the class...with an A. I love the format of GCU and that the classes are only 5 weeks long. That fits my ADD personality just fine.
    Just my .02