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  • May 11

    I swear you took a peek inside my brain and wrote this post. I have 3 shifts left before I'm on my own. Hold me. I'm on a busy floor, too and our acuity is fairly high. I struggle with many things right now, but one of the biggest ones is when to call the doc. Which doc do I call/page? I've done this, that, and the other, but have I really done any critical thinking about what my patient is experiencing? Time management. Prioritization. Etc, etc, etc. Everyone keeps telling me I'm doing fine. Everyone keeps saying that it takes time and I'll be just fine. Everyone is very, very helpful and nice. Thank God. But I hate feeling stupid pretty much every single day.
    One bright spot is that when I look back over the last 8 weeks I can't believe how much I've learned!
    Hang in there...we can only do our best.

  • Sep 25 '17

    I just got hired on to do Utilization Review at a hospital. I haven't started yet so I can't speak to whether or not I will like/love it, but I had to get away from floor nursing. I've only been at it 15 months and I just can't do it anymore for all the reasons you state and then some. I am starting in UR very part-time but she will add more shifts in for me as the department grows. Good luck to you...I feel your angst.