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    Thanks for the responses. I was a new employee on orientation and my co-worker's mental health information did not affect patient care, but she did leave us in a crunch being short staffed. Perhaps, my supervisor felt that was a good reason to explain. From what I understand this has happened before and I am glad I am no longer working there.

    Sadly, my experience there was so bad that I have no desire to continue nursing. What can someone do with a nursing degree and a mental illness?

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    Hi All, I am not sure if this is the right area to post but here it goes. Two months ago at my new job my immediate supervisor shared private mental health information about another employee/co-worker. I was in fear of losing my job and did not report the incident. However, it weighs heavily on my mind since I also suffer from a mental health condition. Is it too late to report the incident? If not, who do I report it to other than my place of employment? I have searched online but there is so much information out there and I want to do the right thing.

    Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    On my former med/surg unit we rarely had CNAs and when we did they refused to wipe "poo" or do any "housekeeping" type of work. I got tired of asking for help as they disappeared with the Dinamap and took proper care of the patients myself. However, it definitely takes a toll on a nurse with a heavy patient load and responsibility to do it alone. I was a CNA back in the day when we worked to provide the best care for our patients and I was at my nurse's side helping our patients together as a team. Those were the best days of my nursing career learning true patient care as a CNA. Today it is not the same and is considered a "dirty" job. Nonsense!