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    Hi BotoxRN,

    Wow 70 pts in 3 days?!?!?! That's unheard of!! Talk about having a back to back schedule! Sounds exhausting, but well worth it!! I would love to have clientele lined up like that! :bowingpur I'm impressed! Did you have an event?

    I work straight commission, so I take a percentage off of the gross as well and work as a 1099. I think I need to find a good CPA to head me in the right direction with tax deductions. I'm keeping everything on file for write offs, but I've been told two different things about keeping track of mileage.

    Contracting has been more lucrative for me compared to working open to close hours at an hourly, or booked and non-booked rates. It's great going into work only when I have clients scheduled and leaving when I'm done! I lucked out with this place and I'm not bound by any type of contract.

    I make more selling laser packages b/c I get a larger cut, but I love injecting. There is an artistry in applying injectables and I get greater satisfaction performing those types of treatments vs. lasers. Don't get me wrong I do like lasering, but there is so much more to injecting.

    I would totally agree with your comment about RN's having an artistic eye and some docs not wanting to give up control. I've also found truth in the comment about aesthetics being just as much about sales as it is about taking care of clients. A lot of times you've either got it or you don't. Injecting can be learned, but you have a greater successful outcome and it's a lot easier when you have a natural ability/artistic eye. I have worked with people that force the learning process, become too technical, and don't know what they're looking at--I would not let them inject me!

    I'm glad that things are getting crazy for you!! Busy is good especially right now! Hope you're enjoying Vegas!!

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    Hello Botox RN,

    It's great that you started doing independent contracting! I've been contracting since the middle of Jan and overall loving anything it's got it's pros and cons. I too am covered for malpractice under my docs. It was great how I stumbled into it and am making more than what I have been as long as we stay busy...
    How in the world do you manage working at all of the different locations and docs? Do you have set days for certain locations with set time frames? I've been thinking about picking up other locations, but it seems a bit difficult since the place that I'm currently at expects me to pick up more hours the busier they get.
    It seems like being a national trainer would help tremendously with networking as well...

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    Hello MHarrah,

    Check this link may be of use.

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    Is there anyone out there that has participated in a perioperative training program in the Phx/Scottsdale/Mesa areas? If so, what was your experience like?

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    hi margoclnc!

    sounds like you've got some great ideas and options to take advantage of...

    training with the plastic surgeon sounds like a great idea (although, i don't know what the laws are in your state regarding certification requirements). would he be willing to let you either rent out a room in his office, maybe just charge a percentage and let you start your own business in his practice, or be willing to take you on board after your training is complete? it would be nice since a lot of the clientele would be more easily accessable. clients that are coming in for consultation/procedure may be interested in receiving injectables from you. i think working out of a plastics office would be a bonus.

    if not, then maybe if you get into contact with his botox/fillers rep he/she may be able to pass your resume along to other interested parties.

    let me know how it goes!

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    hi margoclnc,

    potential income in the aesthetics industry can greatly vary. compensation in the aesthetics arena can depend on title, how much responsibility and experience you have, and who you're working for. compensation will differ from facility to facility.

    there are several different ways that you will find that pay will be offered... 1) base rate with or without commission. 2) booked rate and non-booked rate with or without commission. 3) commission only.
    receiving gross commission equals potential to earn more than receiving net commission.

    i worked for a medspa making more than what local area hospitals were willing to offer me. however, they offered me less than what i was making at my previous employer (hospital) in another state.

    i wrote a tidbit about potential earnings on thread #11.

    there are a lot of different things that a nurse can do in the aesthetics field... there are nurses out there that nationally train representing laser and injectable companies! the ones that train have usually been in the industry for quite some time and can make great mentors.

    i definitely think the more we nurses share with each other and the stronger bonds we build, will in turn make us more knowledgeable and stronger in this field. i've found that a lot of the information that i have retrieved has been by word of mouth. who knows maybe one day we'll be able to check avg. salaries for aesthetic nurses... wouldn't that would be nice? there are nurses that have been in this field for 20-30yrs so this is not a new branch of nursing...just a difficult field to get standard info on.

    there are a few organizations out there such as a.m.e.n. and assoc. of aesthetic professionals that you may want to check out if you haven't come across them already.:typing

    hope this has been helpful! :wink2:

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    hi margoclnc,

    i'm glad that you found the info useful!
    paying for certifications can be quite expensive. there are facilities that are willing to provide training for free. i was able to find a company that handled all of my training without a penny from my pocket. i received two months of intense training and required tests before i was "signed off" to accept clients independently (i didn't receive any certs.). that state did not require me to be a certified laser or injectable technician.

    i recently moved to another state that has different laws that require me to attend a formal training program to receive certification for lasers and injectables.:angryfire i don't plan on attending any of the training facilities out here b/c i know that i will find a place that will cover me.

    i moved here during the summer, which fyi can be the slowest time of year for the aesthetics biz. it has proved to be a bit of a challenge (not to mention, i'm very picky about my employers), but persistance always pays off! business typically begins to pick up around sept. /oct. and is the busiest around the holidays.

    don't worry too much about not having any experience. there are some places that are ok with someone not coming in with experience b/c that equals no bad habits! some places prefer to train a fresh person to do things their way. harder to teach an old dog new tricks.

    hang in there, continue your search, follow up and bang on those doors til someone answers!

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    good luck! definitely keep me updated! :spin:

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    hello belzbubba22! pay in the aesthetics field can vary by leaps and bounds. i was paid similar to how an esthetician was paid...booked rate, non-booked rate and 10% commission (net not gross--it makes a difference) on products- not services. not a very good deal, but not bad for just starting out. after i got great experience and made some connections in the biz i was in talks with a cosmetic dentist, whose wife was an md, that wanted to do a start up in his office that was offering me quite a lot with commission on products and services. some aesthetic nurses work commission only.

    pay is going to vary from facility to facility. i would recommend that you find a place that will offer you base pay plus commission for product and services--that will help you make more in this arena. if anything as long as you get your feet wet and network, network, network there are ways to do very well in this field!

    as far as pay in plastics vs. medspas. i spoke with a rep in my area and he stated that i would make more in medspas than in plastics. yet i have a friend from another state whose friend worked in a plastics office who received good pay, a yearly christmas bonus paycheck, and the doc even sent his whole staff to hawaii along with their significant others. so whose to say?

    i have found what i absolutely love to do.:redpinkhe hopefully you will find the same in aesthetics! hope this was somewhat helpful.

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    are there any aesthetic nurses out there that have figured a way to contract themselves out??? travel aesthetics nursing, now there's a thought...

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    i was actually there on sat. as well. i'm new to the area and don't have any input, but it seems like there are a lot of great opportunities available to the staff there. i was just as impressed...

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    hello fellow aesthetic nurses of arizona!

    i'm new to the area and would like to get some information on practicing in this state. it can be difficult getting started/finding resources in aesthetics especially in a new area and i've found that the laws are a bit more stringent than the state that i recently moved from. i figured joining allnurses would be my best bet in networking with other aesthetic nurses...

    i've found out (board of nsg) in order to practice in az i would be required to receive formal training from an accredited facility to obtain certification, yet there wasn't a resource to inform me of the best option for institutions to attend. i found a 'laser school' that wants $8,500 for a couple of weeks of training...i would basically be paying to learn what i already know. the tuition doesn't even cover injectables!

    i've already sent out a few resumes to medspas/training facilities to not only obtain an employer, but get the certification out of the way. surprisingly, i have had no bites. i'm assuming that i haven't gotten in for interviewing because i sent my resumes during the summer months, which are the slowest months of the year. i have some contacts that i'm grateful for, but i've had a couple of interviews at shady places that would not work out.

    fall/winter is quickly approaching so i'm hoping to eventually find something, but it won't matter if i can't get my cert. out of the way. i'm chompin at the bit!!!

    any suggestions out there???