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  • Aug 29 '12

    Call the facility about 8 pm and ask the reception person who should be contacted.

    Just FYI - some LTC places are part of big chains and they have a central recruiter with a 1-800 number. You can get that # from reception. And for the other LTCs, it'll vary between DON, HR, occasionally a recruiter, or someone else (I was once Staff Dev and I got the applications). Usually the bigger the facility, the more specific and sophisticated it is.

  • May 3 '12

    Call the unit where they work or call the facility or find it online.

  • Sep 20 '11

    Thank you everyone! I just got home from the exam. I had 75 questions and got the "good pop-up"! I'm feeling so happy right now!!!

  • Aug 11 '09

    Sorry, I did not catch your drift. I became a diabetic educator by working in the education dept of a hospital. We employ a registered dietician who is also a CDE. Some nursing clinics and MD offices hire them. Drug co. hire them. Basically I guess you need look at the CDE application for qualifications. As for a job, talk to HR in various facilities, or call a few CDE's in your area to test the market. I had to create my own market by creating a curriculum for in/out-pt education.