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  • Feb 18

    Quote from VICEDRN
    I'll bite...

    So your theory is that because the nurses that you know that got their licenses revoked all did something illegal/ very serious that all nurses who have their licenses revoked did something implicitly illegal and/or very serious?

    Think that logic is a little faulty there sister!
    I've spent some time reading the disciplinary actions summary that is part of my state's BON newsletter. While it's not a scientific survey by any means, the vast, vast majority of suspensions and revocations involve impairment or diversion of controlled substances, followed by record falsification. The OP is pretty close to the mark.

    You can probably look at the causes for discipline at your state's BON website.

  • Oct 19 '16

    Quote from TiredMD
    Bingo. If this wasn't the admitting physician, there was no reason to call that late. It's just completely inappropriate. This isn't a case of a "rude doctor", it's a rude nurse. Would the OP have called a family member that late to ask the same question? And I wonder, if a telemarketer had called the OP that late, if maybe they wouldn't have done a little yelling too?
    Yes, but the OP indicated that it was hospital policy that the call be made. The policy may be coocoo, but you still have to follow it, especially if you're new.

  • Sep 23 '16

    Debt can be a lot like C-diff. Pretty easy to contract, hard to eradicate, painful and debilitating while you have it.

    Obviously, many young people who get out of school today have piles of debt. (The education establishment should have much to answer for, but that's a topic for another place or time.)

    Be as smartly frugal as you can and pay off the debt as fast as you can. Then avoid borrowing except in a dire emergency and put something into savings every paycheck.

    Don't leave money on the table. Take full advantage of your employer's 401 K match.

  • Aug 7 '16

    Quote from robigayle
    Thank you so much for your support! I guess my next question is, if I'm fortunate enough to get my license back, will I be able to get a job? How willing are facilities to give you employment opportunities once they know of your back ground or that your license was revoked?
    I can't speak to having my license revoked, but my license endorsement to a second state was held up because of a 26 year old DUI stop. (Don't get me started on the ability of bureaucrats to lack any sense of reasonableness.) I had already been offered a job, one that I really wanted, and I was scared to death the delay would lose it for me.

    I've never hidden the fact that I was a practicing alcoholic for many years, and my experience is that people understand that people can and do overcome addictions. Perhaps because the employer knew about my hx, they were willing to hold the job for me for six weeks while the BON muddled along and sent me on wild goose chases for records that had been destroyed years before by the municipality where I was arrested.

    So, my advice is let an employer hear bad news from you, and not someone else.

  • Aug 1 '16

    Quote from earle58
    i have learned not to predict death...seriously.
    we're all familiar with the s/s of imminent death, yet i've had too many pts that exhibited these s/s, only to bounce back for a bit.
    i've also had pts that didn't exhibit any s/s and just died.

    so whenever i'm feeling righteous and confident about the path a pt is taking, i immediately recall all those pts who proved me wrong.

    enjoy the calm.
    in the absence of distress/pain/suffering, it's really a beautiful process.

    I'm with you. I hate being asked how long, etc. I've proven to myself that I have hardly a clue. When families ask--usually a few minutes after I tell them that I can't predict--I just suggest that if there are others who want to see the Pt while still alive, it would be a good idea to call them.

    Anybody have approaches they use?