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    An ex gf of mine did that. She is always looking forward to new things. She does all my work now.

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    I love my work enviroment, and I love what nursing and working in hospitals has done for me. I have been around a while.

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    Very intersting thread. I have actually read every response here. To be absolutely truthfull I must admit I have never thought of the Pious as people who fight death the hardest. While a lot of response have given me pause to think of this. I still do not know what I think of it. As for myself, on a strictly personal level, I do not fear death. Not because of my religious beliefs. More because I have always believed death to be the natural conclusion to life. I am not the type to activley seek out death for myself. Even though I love skydiving. I actually spend great effort seeking out and loving every moment of life. The joys of life, love, relationships, the thrills, the pleasures, the sorrows all belong together. I love life and all it brings. But I do not fear death. I have lived a wonderful life and I eagerly anticipate a long way to go in life. If that turns out not to be so. I just know I won fear it. Interesting dicussion.

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    Quote from Stanley-RN2B
    Chaotic magicians?

    What is this Advanced Dungeons and Dragons????

    Dungeons and Dragons did not appeal to me.

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    Quote from Equinox_93
    ... Personally I find the "I just don't want one/don't like the idea" reason to be a very valid and rational reason against it...

    I wonder of they will ever have designer ones so I can wear it like jewelry. I am sure they can have one that when worn visibly would not conflict with my piercings I already have.

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    Quote from Stanley-RN2B
    Well, what I meant was I've studied religion extensively in an effort to further cement my atheistness. I've encountered strange ones and common ones. I've met people that mixed religion with mysticism or other religious behavior patterns but never religions with religions. That's why it's so strange...

    I do not find it strange at all. Except maybe for the history that Christians burned Wiccans at the stake. But take that little thing aside. I find they compliment each other very well.There is a lot of room in this world for looking at things in different ways. I love exercise and a healthy life But I have multiple tattoos and piercings, a lot find that to be in conflict also. I also belong to more than a few political parties , some may find that odd, but I have a lot of beliefs. I am really quite comfortable with who and what I have evolved myself into. I really find myself to be happier than most people I know.

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    Quote from flygirl43
    NO,NO,NO....NOT EVER, EVER, EVER. We are only as strong as our solidarity and our work conditions suck. Stick with the union brotherhood (not that they impress me) But its all we got!

    You sound unhappy with your work life, I am sorry about that. But brotherhood or sisterhood I disagree with the concept of Solidarity. I have been around for a pretty decent amount of time. I have usually found most places to be quite pleasant and also usually quite educational. So unions fail to impress me. They just seem to be a dictatorship of mass mediocrity. I read that thought somewhere and I really liked it. Also I feel that unions sole response to anything primarily is that by increasing wages thus everything is better. Nothing wrong with increased wages but that sentiment just does not seem appropiate to me. I do hope things get better for you.

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    Quote from Blee O'Myacin
    How many nuns are spit at, called foul names and are expected to take it with a smile?

    So you have something against Nuns

    we will have nun of that in here ehh

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    Quote from applescruffette
    I'd get headaches when I didn't eat fast food when I was eating it every day, and then I'd feel better when I ate it. I was addicted, IMO.

    And we wonder why McDonalds is the only fast food place doing well in the current economy.

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    Quote from lovehospital
    I'm 26 and way beyond college years,and I still wear tight pants and tight tank tops (not heavy make up or short skirts) and I dont think that this is pathetic at all!

    Nor do I. I wear them also and I look good in them. I carry it off quite well.

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    I am Christian and I am also Wiccan.

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    I always start with a fresh peeled orange and a cup of espresso.Gets my mind in gear

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    Unions are good for us. They help us to get paid better. Then they take all that extra money we got back in the form of dues. Who really makes out.

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    It is going to happen to us all eventually anyway. We can not stop it. We can not evade it. We have no control of it. Do not adjust your set. Do not tune your dial. We have all entered the Future Zone and the future Zone is now.

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    Quote from Jo Dirt
    Past about college age, dressing in tight pants and short skirts with a bunch of make-up starts to get kind of pathetic. It screams I'm easy and haven't figured out what being a real adult is like. As one's looks fade it gets even more pathetic. Big nails and hairdos scream that a person doesn't have anything more important to do than fritter their good money away.

    I've never understood how people equate a hairdo and make-up and certain clothes with " sexy." For that matter, all the make-up on the world won't give you what you either never had or has long faded. That kind of charisma is either there or it isn't. For most of us, it isn't, I don't care how you think you look. As for compliments and whistles, any old broad can get those, there's always some lowlife who can be turned on by that, but there are probably as many rolling eyes and snickers. I know from seeing my mother-in-law that this is true.

    Does your mother in law read in here, just curious.