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  • Jun 17 '16

    I beg to differ here. I place a lot of interest in money and have done so. I am not stressed out, unhappy, miserable or anything else. I love what I do. And I love the high stress areas, currently ER. But my years working that 6 figure income paid off handsomely. I invested in stocks and bonds well. Besides my 401k. My house is paidoff, now granted its a Texas house and not a California big expensive house. But it is all mine. No bank involvement anymore. I have a well for secondary water, I have solar power and wind turbine power. And a septic system. And I am adding other green alternatives to my lifestyle.
    I only work nursing 24 hours a week now, part time. I do have a second job, but that is also something I love. Yes money has always been of keen interest to me. It has allowed me to live life on my terms. Nothing bitter or miserable here, I promise you. I have been and continue to be an extremely fortunate person, and I acknowledge this.