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Hi! I am Julie, a pediatric nurse who recently became a CPNP-AC and a DNP.

The Controversy: Mandatory Flu Vaccines

First, let me just go over some of the symptoms of the flu, and then we will get down to business on the controversy surrounding the push to create mandatory flu vaccines for healthcare workers: Sudden onset fever Headache Chills Myalgia Dry cough Sore throat Stuffy nose Loss of appetite Limb or joint pain Read More →

Taboo - 10 Things Nurses Should NEVER Say!

As nurses, we have learned the hard way to never say certain statements. Why? Well, that could be because the first time we said it - or heard it said - we got the “evil eye”. Think back to the time you first heard some naive soul say, “Wow, it sure is quiet today!” “Sure is slow”, “Nothing has happened today”, “We haven’t had a code this week”, and comments of the like - just are not acceptable! If you are an experienced nurse (even with one day of experience), you will be able to... Read More →

The Light in Their Eyes

I am a clinical instructor for Med Surg 1 students. I absolutely love this position. I eagerly arrived at the hospital the day before our clinicals began to meet my students for the first time and give them a tour of the hospital, as well as lay out my expectations for their semester. I think they were more eager to begin than I imagined, because even though I arrived 10 minutes early, I was the next to the last to arrive! I walked into the waiting room to a sea of royal blue uniforms. I... Read More →

The Boy Who Loved Justin Bieber

He lived in the hospital more than he was able to spend time at the home provided for his sister and him through foster parents. His “family” were the the nurses and staff on the floor where he was raised, as his foster family lived nearly three hours away and were only able to visit for a short time on weekends. Sam, born with multiple congenital problems, had a poor prognosis. However, he did not know it. He ran amuck around the unit, sitting in nurses laps in the nursing station,... Read More →

We Are a Team!

I have heard it said that nurses who work with children have big hearts - but I think EVERY nurse working anywhere is truly gifted with a “big heart”. Every nurse is unique in their personality, and a field where one nurse loves to work, another nurse would never be able to handle that particular job. Thus, the beauty of the nursing field. Oncology, emergency, L&D, ICU, OR, med-surg, community, schools, companies, occupational health, primary care, educators, etc., nurses can touch the lives... Read More →

Chalk it up to Experience. Ch 11

Honestly, the first time I did discharge instructions on my own was a disaster. I don’t know why I felt like I was giving a speech in front of 10,000 people, when in reality it was a young mother who needed to know what to do in case her child had any problems with his present illness. I may have overdone it on all of the handouts and education I provided her, from information on breastfeeding support groups to diaper rashes to vaccinations. She seemed a little overwhelmed. I just wanted to... Read More →

PSSSST!!! murmur, murmur, murmur

What is a murmur? A murmur is a “whoosh” sound heard with a stethoscope. Normal hearts make the “lubb-dubb” sound (or Lubb-dupp) when the heart valves close. Murmurs make a “whoosh-whoosh” sound. What causes a murmur? Murmurs are not caused by a disease, but may indicate a heart problem. If the murmur is present at birth, it is congenital. Murmurs that are problematic are usually related to a defective heart valve. This can be due to stenosis or regurgitation problems. In a... Read More →

NCLEX: Like a Deer in the Headlights. Ch 10

I was fortunate to land a job at the children’s hospital where I became a student nurse tech. I never even applied anywhere else, which is ironic, since I never wanted to work with sick kids. Yet here I am, sitting in a Pathways Program with nine other new grad nurses reviewing for the NCLEX for the next week or so. One of the girls let me use her study questions CD and we all strived to grasp essentials of nursing. The main thing I realized is that the NCLEX wanted to know if I knew... Read More →

Nurses Fight Back! Why Some Hospitals are Despicable

Sue, a new nurse three months into her first job, had a rough assignment, along with every nurse on the floor that day. A wing of 25 beds - and 24 of them filled, there were only 4 nurses - including the charge nurse. Sue barely had time to do an assessment more than open the door and check to see if her patient was breathing. If they talked - they were breathing - and that had to be good enough. The doctor was rounding and wanted to talk to her. Bed 8 needed pain meds and bed 10 needed to... Read More →

Doctors Don't Always Listen: Bridging the Communication Gap

“Emily” was in the nurse’s office at her school when her mother was called. She had thrown up again. The nurse and the mother were both perplexed - the mom had taken her to the doctor three days in a row with no answers, no fever, and on again/off again stomach pains. At wits end, mom picked her up from school and brought her to the ED. In triage, the nurse heard “strange” heart sounds while doing her assessment, and notified the ED physician immediately. An EKG was done and she was having... Read More →

That Bar is Pretty High! : When You're the Daughter Trying Not to be the Nurse

I missed the phone calls, yet again. I don’t know how many times I have given my brothers and mom my new cell phone number, but no one seems to write it down or remember it. So, at the end of a long day of nursing, I head home with a throbbing headache and take two Tylenol PMs, and sit down to write an article. My phone rings and I smile - it is my daughter. I answer the phone, “Hey Princess!” “MOM! Have you checked your phone? Have you got any texts from your brothers?” “No, I... Read More →

There's an app for that...and other controversies

The Cons Starting with the “cons”. Naysayers to the use of smartphones in the workplace have very few arguments on which to base their beliefs. That said, the arguments they raise are huge. Let’s look at three key issues in the fight against leaving the dark ages: violation of HIPAA, security risks, and infection control. Violation of HIPAA American Nurse Today (2014) expresses concerns over nurses violating federal laws and the ANA Code of Ethics by using cellphones. Patient... Read More →

“Whatever You Are, Be a Good One"

In the course of my life, I have worn dozens of hats. Listing the ones that I actually got paid for – dry cleaner…cleaner (?), McDonalds server, preschool teacher, babysitter, oil field office manager, paramedic, administrative assistant, housekeeper, patient care tech, pool nurse, picu nurse, occupational health nurse and manager, clinical nursing instructor, and writer. Whew – that is a lot. I started when I was just a kid in high school and through my years, I have really liked some of my... Read More →

Suck It Up, Buttercup! Nursing when you want to cry

I had the weekend off, the first in a long time. My husband and I decided to ignore the world (the kids at their friends’ homes for sleep overs) and binge on movies. Leaving my phone in the kitchen where we had made our dinner, we escaped to the back room with our dinner, drinks, and several movies. It wasn’t until almost midnight when we returned to the kitchen to clean up our mess, and I noticed my phone was blinking. I had many missed phone calls and text messages. I dialed my... Read More →

How Nurses Cope with Death

Working with death may be an inevitable part of a nursing career, depending on what area your focus is. Learning how to cope and manage death seems to vary from department to department. Please feel free to add to this and help your fellow nurses understand your take on dealing with a death in your work area. _________________________ “At the end of a rough day, I call my mom. I talk to her the whole way home. She’s cheaper than a therapist. My husband is slowly learning how to just listen... Read More →

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