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  • Aug 14 '16

    i would make approx 85k working four 12 hour shifts as an angency ICU nurse. BUT I just graduated FNP school in the Houston area and was just offered a 40 hour job starting at $105,000. Working less hours for more $ works for me!

  • Aug 3 '16

    I feel this post 100%. This is why I left staff and became an agency nurse. I get more thank yous and appreciation from management as an agency nurse than I ever did as a staff member. I make my own schedule, and don't have to worry about all the nit picky crap that staff nurses have to handle. And if they piss me off, I never have to come back. It has done wonders on my mental health. Agency nursing has made my nursing experience SO MUCH better and more enjoyable. I'm almost 28 and just got a job as a new grad FNP. Very excited to start!!!!

    Overall, I have had a great career as a bedside nurse. It has treated me well. BUT all this stupid micromanaging and double/triple documentation, and EVERY new policy/rule being a "you better do it or ELSE!" threat, wears me out!

  • Jul 27 '16

    I've never been bullied by a doctor. I have never had a problem getting as much in their faces as they get in mine. Lol. I've gotten in several screaming matches with these jerks and I regret nothing. One thing I WILL NOT do is stay silent when I am blatantly disrespected by an MD, or any staff member. Never lost a job because of it, either. I am a woman with confidence and will be treated with respect. Zero tolerance.