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I've experienced ups and downs, hardships and easyships. I love them all and am beginning to learn that quality of life is not just for my patients, it's for myself as well.

30 Something academic that went the long route... CNA - LPN - RN - BSN - and now MSN. I'm a Certified Director of Nursing Administration and looking to become a certified Risk Manager for the state of Florida. I've garnered experience in positions that include:
-Charge Nurse
-Assistant D.O.N.
-Administrative D.N.S.
-Regional Educator
-Mobile D.O.N.
-Quality Assurance Consultant

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Quality Assurance Consultant
Washington, DC, USA
Nursing Specialties
LTC, Education, Management, QAPI
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6 years
Family, Samoyeds, home, movies, education
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