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    I had to stop reading the comments when I got to the one about how all nurses should be "mental tested". It would be too much to ask for a comment about how a nurse improved or even saved a life. I've been a nurse for 42 years and I think back fondly to the days when nurses were respected. Oh, well. Haters gotta hate.

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    Ah, yes. I also remember hospital patients smoking in bed. The holes burned in the linens. Putting out the occasional waste basket fire from a still hot cig. There were even cigarette machines in the hospital. I really hated to see patients smoking after they had pain meds. It's a wonder the whole place didn't go up in flames!

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    Check out the Home Health and School Nursing forums under the Specialties tab located in the yellow banner at the top of the page. Lots of info there. Have fun and welcome to Allnurses!

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    People come to allnurses to vent. Sometimes for sympathy, suggestions, or just to get it off their chest. I don't understand why some posters feel the need to make harsh, unhelpful comments. My suggestion to lumbarpain is to try home health. The pace is slower and you do have some autonomy. You have developed assessment, organizational and time management skills that would serve you well in home health. If you feel this miserable working at this place, then look for something else. No job and no amount of money are worth hating to go to work. I'm having the same feelings you are, and am looking to go back to home health. People who have jobs that they enjoy are lucky, and I don't begrudge them that. But being judgemental of others who work in a stressful, disorganized and unsupportive environment is not beneficial to anyone.

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    I'm sure you will find more help by going to the Australia/New Zealand forum listed under World. Good luck!

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    Anyone remember using heat from a light bulb on decubs? We also used O2 right on them also. This was in the early-mid 70's. Geez, I am so OLD!

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    If the doc nixed getting a sitter, I don't see what else you could have done. He was even right across from the nurse's station. Please let us know how this meeting goes. I'm curious to see what the big dogs say you should have done. Hope they listen to your safety proposals. Good luck tomorrow!

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    Sounds like she's Coo-Coo for Cocoa Puffs.

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    What I get out of Ruby's post is that she is frustrated to be precepting nurses who are only in her ICU as a stepping stone to something else. Most are not there because they want to settle down in that unit. Precepting a continuous stream of nurses who are just passing through would be stressful; finding an orientee who would be a great team member only to see them move on would be disheartening.

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    I also was only allowed to answer the first two questions before I was booted out. What's up with that?

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    Took care of an elderly unmarried lady named Hotsie Totsee. (Last name Totsee.) Wish I had asked if she had any siblings.

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    How are things going? Give us an update!

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    I speak from experience-don't do it unless you absolutely can't tolerate it anymore. I won't go into the details, but I gave my notice after I could not endure one more shift in a place ruled by fear and intimidation, and worried about my license. I felt sure that it wouldn't take me long to find another job. After all, despite my age (60's) I had lots of great experience, most of it in hospitals. Was I ever wrong! There were hardly any jobs available, and I think ageism did play some part. I used up all my savings while looking. Many is the time I have kicked myself for quitting without having a job to go to. The stress of working there was less than the stress of having a months worth of bills due and one dollar in your wallet! I have never quit a job without having another one, and I'll certainly never do it again! It took me over 2 months to get the job I have now, and I have been stressed every single day of that time.

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    Maybe investigate to see which one of their governmental agencies oversees foreign nurse credentialing. That person might be able to direct you. How and where do the native nurses get certified? Interesting subject! This could be a sweet gig for ya. Let us know what you find out.

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    You are NOT being a baby! What reason were you given for this change? I wouldn't be able to get all that done, no way no how. Sounds like you should start looking for another job! I just don't see how anyone could get all that done in anything but a half-a$$ manner at best. This is not fair to you or the residents.