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  • Apr 11

    People come to allnurses to vent. Sometimes for sympathy, suggestions, or just to get it off their chest. I don't understand why some posters feel the need to make harsh, unhelpful comments. My suggestion to lumbarpain is to try home health. The pace is slower and you do have some autonomy. You have developed assessment, organizational and time management skills that would serve you well in home health. If you feel this miserable working at this place, then look for something else. No job and no amount of money are worth hating to go to work. I'm having the same feelings you are, and am looking to go back to home health. People who have jobs that they enjoy are lucky, and I don't begrudge them that. But being judgemental of others who work in a stressful, disorganized and unsupportive environment is not beneficial to anyone.

  • Nov 14 '16

    I thought this forum was for people to express themselves-to vent,to learn,to share. Just because we express dissatisfaction or commiserate with someone else doesn't mean we have our "heads up our butt". As for me, sunshine and fresh air do nothing for me once I enter the maelstrom that is my workplace. Unless someone is offensive, I don't see why people can't express themselves on this forum without someone else telling them how and they "should" feel or think. ebear, I'm sure your intentions were good.

    Thank you, OT, for sharing with us. Please don't be discouraged from posting here. You know the old saying about the grass being greener....How can we know what PT/OT is really like unless someone who works in that field gives us some input?