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  • Apr 11 '17

    People come to allnurses to vent. Sometimes for sympathy, suggestions, or just to get it off their chest. I don't understand why some posters feel the need to make harsh, unhelpful comments. My suggestion to lumbarpain is to try home health. The pace is slower and you do have some autonomy. You have developed assessment, organizational and time management skills that would serve you well in home health. If you feel this miserable working at this place, then look for something else. No job and no amount of money are worth hating to go to work. I'm having the same feelings you are, and am looking to go back to home health. People who have jobs that they enjoy are lucky, and I don't begrudge them that. But being judgemental of others who work in a stressful, disorganized and unsupportive environment is not beneficial to anyone.