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    Hi there,
    I will look for the US tab you are talking about... We are not sure where we are looking.. we wanted some suggestions and also wanted to know how the salaries are? We have read that Charlotte is very busy and more like Boston...I have heard that the Raliegh area is ok if you live in a place like Cary..
    We do not have any kids and I am 44. My husband wants to go back to school for RN/NP.
    How do I get into the US tab for the NC/SC forums?
    Thanks much

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    Hi Everyone,
    I currently live outside of Boston, work as a RN in PACU and NICU II RN perdiem... hate the hustle and bustle around here.. the traffic jams, tons of rude people...
    My husband and I live in a 650 apartment for 1200... condo.. poor insulation, can hear our neighbors doing just about everything....
    Hubby is a mental health technician trying to go back to school for RN or NP...
    We are really thinking about relocating to the Carolinas... I have started looking on the citydata website and started a thread there...
    Does anyone have any suggestions??
    Thanks so much for the input