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The Battle of Day vs. Night Shift

I have worked both night and day shifts; I even spent a little time doing a combination of both shifts. The hardest thing about alternating between the two shifts, other than sleep issues, was that I had to constantly hear each side complain about each other. I always felt like I needed to defend each shift to the other. The day shift obviously has to get out of bed earlier in the morning; I'm not much of a morning person and know very few people who actually enjoy getting out of bed in... Read More →

What Makes a Great Nurse

When I was in nursing school, one thing I always remember hearing the instructors say is straight A's are not what makes a good nurse. There's nothing wrong with getting straight A's of course, but it takes a lot more than that to truly be a good nurse. I believe one of the most important qualities of being a good nurse is having compassion. A nurse with compassion is one who truly cares about her patients well-being and outcome. This nurse treats her patients as she would expect any... Read More →

Yes, I'm in pain!

I just awoke and opened my eyes for only a split second to barely be able to make out the face of my recovery nurse. I feel so weak and powerless right now, the anesthesia must not have worn off yet. She just asked me if I want to see the gallstones I had removed; of course I want to see them, I'm a nurse and that's what we do. The only thing I really want to do right now though is die, this crushing pain in my chest is so unbearable. I want to tell this nurse so badly, but I just can't... Read More →

Healthcare Technology Changing Forever: Positive Planning

My facility is in the process of shifting from an all paper ED to a full blown computerized ED. I, as the clinical information specialist will be doing a lot of training and helping to make things run smoothly. I'm sure it's no surprise that there have already been plenty of negative comments about this upcoming venture. I've combatted several remarks of, "that'll never work or Oh that's gonna take forever." I've bragged up all the positive testimonials from other hospitals that are... Read More →

Reflecting on the Above and Beyond

The very first time I ever stepped foot into an oncology office was the day my Dad was diagnosed with Stage IV Melanoma. The only thing I could think as I sat there was, "Why does anyone decide they want to become an oncologist or even work in a place like this?" These people have actually made the choice to work with one of the most dreaded diseases there is, every day. They have to tell people this disease is going to end their life, tell families their loved one's time is limited, and... Read More →