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  • Oct 24 '17

    I wanted to update this thread with news of my new job! I graduated with my ASN in 2011, and worked on a skilled rehab floor for one year before transitioning to a LTACH (long term acute care hospital). There, I learned so much! Trachs, advanced wound care, dialysis (peritoneal and hemodialysis), tons of meds via every possible route, etc etc. I also learned how to see the big picture, how to manage patient and family demands, learned to have confidence with doctors and communicate and collaborate with the healthcare team. I've been there for a year and three months.

    And yesterday I was offered a position at one of the most well-respected hospitals in my area!! I'll be working on a med-surg unit that specializes in respiratory and cardiac patients, some are on telemetry and some have trachs, but my experience at the LTACH is a great fit for them.

    Don't ever give up and don't be afraid to take a position in a well-run LTACH or SNF! You will learn great time management and innumerable skills. If I had held out for that perfect position as a new grad, I would still be waiting, but I went out and got 2+ years of experience that I'm now able to bring to the table in my new position. And you might even find out that you love being a rehab nurse and that's awesome too!

    Best of luck!

  • Sep 15 '17

    I do like the system but since this is my first job I don't have anything to compare it to. The computerized system is very fast and the EMAR loads quickly on the screen (it is internet-based). When something is due, it flags, but it also allows me to change the administration time so you can always appear to be in compliance with med times.

  • Aug 24 '17

    I've given Ativan with pain meds before. Sometimes it can snow the pt if they aren't used to narcotics, and sometimes it's the perfect combo. If its a new pt or an elderly pt, and you're not sure, start with one and be safe.