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  • Jan 9

    Don't become too focused on what others say. I don't know anywhere where there isn't day shift vs. night shift. I work nights on Med-Surg and I don't know when there is a shift where we don't make a negative comment about days. But for what it's worth, they're so crazy busy I can't imagine keeping up with all the admits/discharges and keeping up with orders. (When I visited my ER, there was also day vs. night, which I found kind of hilarious)

    That being said, time management and critical thinking kind of come with time. I'm almost at a year of experience, and there isn't a night that goes by where I haven't learned something (which is the biggest reason why I love nursing). I typically have time management under control, but when I'm given an admission it throws off my "schedule" I've set for myself. You just have to adapt to what's given to you. There's only 1 of you and about 5-7 patients that you're responsible for.

    My advice is, even though you may feel like you're a burden to your coworkers, they rather have you ask questions then to just do something that may potentially be wrong/harm your patient. You're never going to learn unless you ask. Even the most experienced nurses on my floor ask each other for advice/opinions.

  • Jun 4 '17

    Brand new - focus on assessment skills and time management (including priorities). Don't be afraid to ask questions. If you don't know how to do something/unsure/not confident doing it on your own - ASK. Your coworkers would rather you ask questions/ask help before you do potential harm. Same goes with doctors and even with experienced nurses. If I don't know how to do something/am unsure/not confident - I ask.

    Learn drugs. Don't be afraid to take time to research in the IV drug book for meds or look up something you might not know. It takes time to learn the common ones. If you don't know what a prescription is, again, ask. I still do this on the surprise script I'm unsure about. Work in a big ER teaching facility? You might get new drugs. Don't be afraid to ask the doctor or call pharmacy about it.