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    I am a new NP I recently took a position in a private clinic and I am being paid a 35% of all pts I see - what is an appropriate % for someone in my position

    Also I only get paid when the insurance claim has been processed so last month I saw 40 pt's my 35% came to $250.00 for the month - I am told it takes awhile for things to be processed but is it appropriate for me to have to wait - should the Dr. be paying me regardless of when the insurance pays?

    YOu should know this is a small clinic only 1 doc 1np (me) 1RN & a few MA's

    Currently, I have no written contract so I am reaching out to anyone in the same position as me to find out what is appropriate for me to ask for ie % wise, how I am getting paid, should I get vacation, PTO, CEU's paid for, 401K, I do get medical & dental insurance

    Also, do I have someone write up a contract 1st or discuss it w/the dr I am working with. I just want to know what is appropriate - what does someone in my position really have the right too - I should also mention I love my work and the thought of leaving is very sad to me so I want to have a good idea of what other NP's have negotiated in their contracts - PLEASE HELP!!! any knowledge , advice you can pass on to me would be worth its weight in gold.....