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    I am a new NP I recently took a position in a private clinic and I am being paid a 35% of all pts I see - what is an appropriate % for someone in my position

    Also I only get paid when the insurance claim has been processed so last month I saw 40 pt's my 35% came to $250.00 for the month - I am told it takes awhile for things to be processed but is it appropriate for me to have to wait - should the Dr. be paying me regardless of when the insurance pays?

    YOu should know this is a small clinic only 1 doc 1np (me) 1RN & a few MA's

    Currently, I have no written contract so I am reaching out to anyone in the same position as me to find out what is appropriate for me to ask for ie % wise, how I am getting paid, should I get vacation, PTO, CEU's paid for, 401K, I do get medical & dental insurance

    Also, do I have someone write up a contract 1st or discuss it w/the dr I am working with. I just want to know what is appropriate - what does someone in my position really have the right too - I should also mention I love my work and the thought of leaving is very sad to me so I want to have a good idea of what other NP's have negotiated in their contracts - PLEASE HELP!!! any knowledge , advice you can pass on to me would be worth its weight in gold.....


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    Just reaching out to anyone who may have any tips on a Job for a New FNP. I've been working per-diem in a community clinic since January but would really like to find something more permanent. I am really open to anything and really like learning so even if it doesn't seem like a perfect fit please send it my way anyway.
    Thanks Sam

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    Hello Everyone,
    I am a new NP and struggling to say the very least. the days go by fast I am there 1-2 hours late. I am not sure how providers see pt in 15 min and are finished - completely.

    Everyday is something new. I have epocrates essentials, books but it never seems enough and doesn't always allow me quick answers especially since I am the one that is 2hours behind.

    Also, am I the only one that feels this way?

    What are good websites to find answers to questions that you would ask a provider about a pt but can't because they are too busy- I need help!

    Thanks Sam

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    I am just beginning my studies and found all of your tips really helpful - could you let me know what 4 review books you used?
    Thanks Sam

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    To all Practicing NP's

    I am a recent graduate (May 2010) of an FNP program and want to get nationally certified through the ANCC. I would really like to take a review course but $500 for the Fitzgerald is pretty steep - isn't it???? I have the Fitzgerald book and the tapes - will this be enough??? Did I make the right decision not to take the review?

    Also, any tips as far as books, or other test taking study guides/tools for the exam please send my way - ie is it better to read, take mini exams, listen to tapes or all of the above?

    Lastly, any advice on studying for the exam ie. when did you know it was enough? I figured I would set aside a few hours every day to review. Would 2 months be enough?? I realize its all individual but I'm just nervous and trying to gauge the best way to tackle the exam so that I succeed.

    Thanks to anyone or everyone that has survived this and remembers and has a moment to offer some advice.
    Sincerely SAM

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    To all the Orthopedic NP's.... what is it that you actually do. I am completing my last year of my masters program for my FNP and have always had a special interest in orthopedics. I am planning on completeing a clinical rotation at an orthopedic clinic with an NP during the last component of my studies. I want to be prepared - what would me studying for now help me during my experience - so I can make the most of it. I am open to all advice - for instance should I know all the sites of insertion/ origin, etc.... what are the best resources for me to have on hand and the best study techniques for remebering such an extensive field of medicine. Iam a sponge right now and am very motivated please help!!!!

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    I am 36 and have been on birth control most of my adult life. 4 years ago I decided to change to the 3 pack birth control - so I got my period every 3 months then 2 years after starting it I came off birth control completely because I wanted to prepare myself to start a family. In any case my periods returned immediately and normal - every 28 days and remained that way for about a year. Now however I am getting my periods regularly every 3 weeks on the dot and I have noticed I am more tired than usual - I tend to be slightly on the anemic side anyway. My concern is that my NP suggested I may be premenopausal, thyroid, or fibroids and my anemia may be worsening. I am waiting for labs on my iron and thyroid levels and I am scheduled for an US. My concern is that I still want to be able to have children and is it possible that I am premenopausal and if so why didn't my NP check hormone levels or could this all be related to stress. Looking for any and all advice and support - thank you Sam

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    I only know of the website but if you get anymore information would you mind sending it my way.
    Thanks Sam49:wink2:

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    Thank you for your advice and taking the time to respond... I will look into UNC Chapel Hill and a new job:wink2:

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    Hi everyone,

    I am currently in the process of obtaining my FNP and want to be prepared for the job of my dreams once I obtain my degree.

    I want to specialize in sports medicine or exercise physiology as an FNP any ideas on how I do this??? I currently work as a neonatal R.N but have my personal training certificate. Do I need to gain experience while still in school by switching jobs - for instance going into orthopedics, cardiac rehab or the CCU?

    Is anyone currently working in this field of nursing if so could you give me some advice.

    Thanks for your time,

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    Hello everyone,

    I am in school for my FNP. A question came up in class that I am having some difficulty obtaining the answer for.
    combo 1 DTP or DTaP/Tdap,
    combo 2 DTP-Hib or DTaP-Hib
    combo 3 other DTaP or DTP combinations

    When administering 1 of these in the five series that is suggested in children from 2months to 6 years can you interchange the combinations

    Example if I administered DTaP at 2 months can I give DTaP-Hib at 4 months and a combination DTap like pediarix at 6 months or do you have to stay with the series you started with????

    If someone could provide the answer that would be great - and where you got the answer would be even better. I have viewed the CDC and AAP but I couldn't find what i was looking for.

    Thank you for any help offered

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    What is a post grad certificate? Can you get one at any school that has the program you want? How long does it usually take and what does it entail... also what is the cost or does that vary from school to school?

    Thank you for your response

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    Is it difficult once your an NP to change from one area of expertise to another? I am currently pursuing my NP and have decided to get it in womens health. I would prefer to get my FNP but due to costs and school location I decided on womens health. Am I doing the right thing??? I really like the flexibility the FNP offers in its scope of practice along the life span. However, I don't know if it is worth moving or the expense of the local private university.... 40,000/year. Any advice would be great!

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    I am inquiring about the job possibilities of the NP in Womens Health - is it all just about doing pap smears??? I am really interested in preventative health - proper nutrition, exercise and supplementation. In addition to that I love holistic and alternative health care practices and would like to bring those interests to my practice as an NP.... could I do this as a womens health NP??? Or would it be in my best interest to obtain my degree as a family nurse practitioner (FNP)?

    Thanks for all responses

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    What can one do with an NP in womens health?

    I was recently accepted into an FNP program - I choose it because I felt that it would offer me the ability to practice anywhere. However, the school is very expensive and 40K a year. I am in my 30's and do not want to be in dept so I am considering going to a state school - unfortunately they don't offer an FNP program and my alternatives are to continue where I am, drive 2 hours away for school or change my NP program. The state college I can apply to has ANP and a Womens health NP. I love preventative care but I don't want to be stuck doing pap smears in an office. I love teaching people about good health, nutrition and exercise. Would I be able to merge what I want in a career with an NP in womens health????