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  • Mar 11 '09

    If you're interested in sports medicine and orthopedics, you might consider checking out the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, they offer a paid residency program in orthopedics for FNPs:
    I don't think it's strictly necessary, but it would undoubtedly help

  • Jul 24 '08

    I did a post-MSN certificate as an adult health CNS: I got an MSN in management and leadership but wanted an APN focus. For me, since I had an MSN already, all I needed to do was the clinical component: advanced health, advanced assessment, advanced pharm, and then do the three tracks: geriatric, acute and chronic - took one calendar year full time plus of course the 680 hours of clinical.

  • Jul 24 '08

    Hello, SAM49,

    I am OB-GYN NP and then received post-grad FNP. For me, the FNP was a better fit regarding job security. But, that is just in my area. May be different in yours. Just research and see what the market will bear.

    You can always do a post-grad certificate if you want to pursue FNP.

    Good luck.