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Oscar The Octopus

One fine evening I lived what was to become one of my favorite humorous stories, I'd like to share it with you. I was a fairly new nurse, I had been working approximately 6 months. One evening I listened to report and then set about visiting and assessing my patients. As I came out of the report room, I noted "Oscar's" call light was on - impatient to get started with my other duties, I nonetheless went in the see what Oscar wanted. As I walked in the room, Oscar said "I have to go to... Read More →

Foley Fiasco!!

As I was thinking back over the years of funny stories I've lived as a nurse, two immediately popped into my mind, so I put them on paper. I had been a nurse for about a year, and I had placed many catheters in women, but never in a man. Well, my luck ran out one day, and I had an 84 year old gentleman needing a catheter. I got all the needed paraphernalia, went over the procedure in my mind and explained the procedure to the patient. I was acutely aware of how men "respect" their... Read More →

Dear Henry

Many years ago I met Henry. He was a med surge patient of mine. A man in his 80's who was alert and spry, and love to joke with the staff. I was a new nurse, and Henry was a welcome relief compared to some of my other patients. As a new nurse, I wasn't as outspoken as I am today, I was rather shy, and not as inwardly confident as I would have liked, but I hoped I portrayed an air of confidence outwardly. I went in to introduce myself to my patient, and noted that Henry was there, with... Read More →

"Nancy" and Babs

On my way to work I usually got the "performance jitters" - you see, I was not the Nurse my patients saw each day, that was a role that I played; I played it well. Each shift "Nancy Nurse",my character, was efficient, intelligent, quick thinking, compassionate, organized, quick witted and funny. She also had excellent assessment skills, and even better intuition. She always "knew" which patients required closer monitoring - sometimes it was just a "feeling", but over the years - she... Read More →