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  • Dec 5 '15

    I just don't understand how you guys can be on your what...335th? shooting this year, twice this week, and STILL think the answer is more guns! Do you not know what life is like in every first world country except the united states? It honestly frightens me.

  • Dec 5 '15

    Quote from ClaraRedheart
    Body armour is great, but they have heads that were likely not covered. A CC with a decent aim could have stopped the massacre.
    It's nice to think we all could shoot someone in the head in such a moment but the statistics on lethal encounter proximity and hit ratios according to distance for law enforcement are surprisingly bleak to say the least. Basically, some research indicates that you have to be within 3' of someone to stand a decent chance and a hit ratio of 0-2 years is only 38%. Those are for law enforcement officers, people trained to deal with such a situation. Here is one such study:

    It seems like it should be so easy to shoot someone in the head but these people were prepared. Also, because of the frequent active shooter drills, many employees thought what was happening was another drill (you know, because we all read and remember the drill notice memos in our email). So, you can either be a sitting duck or shoot someone during a drill -- the chance you'll actually take out a bad guy is slim to none.

    So, no, I do not agree that people should be carrying guns in hospitals (also, this was not a treatment facility but rather a county public resource facility). I do think what needs to be addressed in this country is the "hobby" mentality surrounding tactical gear and M&P grade weaponry. We need the higher capacity clips and bigger rounds and why can't we all have Kevlar vests?!?!?! Waaaaaaaahhh the government needs to stay out of it. Blah.

    For what it's worth, a close friend was there and knew the guy that did this. He wished he had his handgun there because he felt so helpless and unsafe. While I was terrified about the fact he was even 50 feet away from what was taking place and I sympathize with his feelings, I really doubt that he would have had a moment of expert marksmanship that would have saved the day. We really need to get over this kind of thinking because there are "all or nothing" implications here. Also, if it sounds like I'm advocating gun control, I am not. I am in California but it's the IE and hunters, fisherman and gun enthusiasts abound here and it's just the culture. But you don't need to shoot a deer or a quail with an AR-15. There would be nothing left of the animal to eat.

    Sorry, I'm just raw from all this. We had students in clinical when they were bringing patients in and it's just ugly. But a concealed carry would not have made me feel any better, especially driving home past all these "dark-colored SUVs" that you think are going to try and blow your head off on the 10 freeway (which, statistically, is a way more frequent occurrence than what happened at the Inland Resource Center.

  • Dec 5 '15

    Yeah, no offense, but if I'm ever unlucky enough to be in a situation like that, and discover you have a CC, unless you're ex-military or law enforcement, I plan on getting as far away from you as I can.

  • Dec 5 '15

    Just what we need more idiots carrying guns. More guns does not equal safer environment, more guns equals a less safe environment. Imagine all the idiots at work you wouldn't trust with your dog now carrying. Look at some third world countries where there's more guns than food, are they safer?