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Joined Apr 14, '08. hollyhockstorm is a Critical Care Nurse. She has '9' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'Telemetry, ICU'. Posts: 9 (11% Liked) Likes: 5

Midas' Touch

Appreciate....my daughter had a hard time enunciating that word before....one word that touches a heart, tries a tear, gives a lump in the throat. As we walked from the school bus towards home, she asked, "Mom, how's work?" "Oh, it's not that good, I was too busy last night." Then, she said, "That's alright, Mom, I know you've done your best." Oh, how encouraging and wonderful were those words reverberating in my ears coming from a 6-year old. She has a sense of maturity. Whenever you feel... Read More →

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