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  • Nov 27

    I know this thread is a bit old but I just wanted to say it is a FALSE idea that UR nurses make less than hospital nurses. Check and you will see they actually make a bit more. I am leaving a hospital position for a UR position (I have no UR experiene) and am getting a $5K annual increase.

  • Apr 6

    Quote from WarmBlanket
    Dear raininghere : If you want to get any respect and know what the hell YOU are talking about , please do a little research before you post . " Nursing is one of the the only health care professions that does not require a masters degree " is absurd . What about Respiratory Therapist , CNA , LPN , OR Tech , Registered Nurse Associates Degree , X-Ray Tech , Wound Care etc..... I am not debating the fact that chemistry is a relevant , essential part of nursing , but your high and mighty BSN attitude is much more ignorant and harmful to the nursing profession than any weakness in chemistry .
    Most of them would be considered paraprofessionals except for the RN, maaybe the RT. And WC is a nursing specialty so I'm confused as to why that's listed..

    And I agree with everyone. As a professional, it is beneficial to have a liberal educational background. As a nurse, chemistry is so necessary. Acid-base balance, elyte imbalances, muscle contractions, principles of diffusion in relation to cell function, respiration, and elytes, kidney function, and pharm is basically a branch of chem. Come on. How are you going to explain to a patient what's going on in their body if you don't know?

  • Feb 14

    I generally love the boards, but I have to say, as a nurse who passionately believes in the holistic nursing movement, it is so disheartening to come on this board. As holistic nurses, we have to frequently hide our stances on things because they may rub allopathic proponents the wrong way or bring down the wrath of the herd. We face ridicule and patronization by our peers on a regular basis once our positions are known on topics like vaccines, GMOs, the efficacy of natural substances and interventions such as accupuncture, massage, etc.
    Because of the unique nature of holistic nursing, the ADVERSITY the field faces in going "against the grain," the need for further education on behalf of the entire medical community, and especially the lack of support from within the would be NICE to be able to come on the Holistic Nursing board and be able to positively interact with like minded individuals instead of having to come on here and battle the same snide, smug, patronizing peers that we deal with on a regular basis.

    Soooooooo, with that said, where are all the non-lurking, REAL holistic nurses? What is your specialty? What do you do in your community to bring holism into your practice?