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    I STILL wear my nursing cap, along with my white dress uniform, lab coat, stockings, and shoes. I work in LTC and am Gerontology certified. I have had nothing but positive reaction(s) regarding my appearance and professionalism from my patients and their families, as well as other employees where I work; with the exception of a couple of nurses who for a while tried to persuade me to wear "scrubs". I absolutely REFUSE to wear anything other than my choice of professional attire. My patients appreciate that I am so easily identified as a NURSE. Many have told me over the course of my career that they find it difficult to recognize who the nurses are, because "Everyone wears the colored uniforms." Very often, the patients and their families have asked me to point out their nurse to them, because they can't identify the nurse themselves, due to the lack of professional nurse attire. My demeanor and profesional appearance instill confidence in my patients and their loved ones. Dress white uniforms along with a well-groomed appearance are a must, in my opinion.

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    I STILL wear a nursing cap, as well as a white DRESS uniform and a white lab coat,stockings and shoes. I managed to locate some new nursing caps this past week on ebay. One arrived today by FEDEX. The others are on their way. I will NOT wear "scrubs" . I am a professional and will dress as one (properly attired, no extra jewelry or long fingernails or sloppy "hairstyles"). I will continue to dress this way until I retire from nursing, which is a LONG way off.

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    hi! booklmb again. Important words to remember. As a 1989 STCC nsg program graduate,and having completed the entire nsg program in 24 months ( YES the ENTIRE PROGRAM)!!!. I feel that I can offer some help.

    First: ORGANIZE your class and study time in the most effective manner possible.
    Second: FOCUS-FOCUS_FOCUS!!!!!
    Third: Don't let ANYTHING slow you down or stop you from reaching your goal!
    Fifth: Be supportive of each other. Stay positive, even when times seem tough.

    YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi! I'm a 1989 STCC nsg graduate. Currently in Florida. Am considering moving back to MA in a few years, when my son graduates from high school. STCC prepared me very well. I've also been Gerontology Certified for over 10 yrs. The nsg program IS demanding, but it's worth it. My class was in demand several months before our graduation date. The STCC Nsg program is VERY HIGHLY regarded by prospective employers. I "took" the full course load in 4 semesters, with the exception of Microbiology in the summer between the 2nd and 3rd semesters. it was 17-18 credits per semesters,but I did it!!!! It's HARD WORK, but it CAN be done. By the way, I took NO prerequisites before entering the program. Good luck to all of you.

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    Although I don't have my original nursing cap; I have been purchasing a generic one and have worn it for the vast majority of my nsg career. I also have never worn "scrubs". I prefer the professional white dress uniform, white lab coat, white stockings, and white shoes.

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    I will NEVER work with a medication "aide". I will quit first and seek employment elsewhere.

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    Interested in salary range for RN with 20 yrs + experience in predominantly Long Term Care. Living in FL at present and may be relocating back to Western MA at some point when housing market improves. Am gerontology Certified. Currently Staff RN (make more money with overtime). Have prior management experience. I've come to the conclusion that better pay is superior to the beautiful climate here in sunny Florida. Thanks for your help.