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How about...a HUMAN CULTURE

He and I often discuss that religion and cultural titles are often used interchangeably as descriptions, it has lead to some insightful understandings and meaningful conversations. I often find myself proudly exclaiming these descriptions to people when I talk about him, it is what makes him him and what makes our relationship so special. Having been with my fiance going on nine years is a true blessing to me, his wisdom and love is beyond narrative. I have learned so much about culture and... Read More →

My funny experience gaining experience with a "great learning opportunity"- SOAP SUDS

Opportunities to practice skills often came in waves with proclaimed "learning opportunity" attached to tasks that others didn't want to do. I was ok with this approach because I really wanted to learn and help out. So the days came where it was my turn PRACTICE and LEARN the skill of SOAP SUD ENEMAS via RECTAL TUBE. This opportunity was bestowed upon me for a patient in much discomfort. I had somehow gotten through nursing school without having to complete this particular task. I had... Read More →

The Case Of The Missing Dentures

My funny nursing experience occurred a few years ago when I was a new grad. I had been working in the ER fulltime and was on one of many long and dreaded night shifts. One of my patients was an older gentleman from a nursing home. During my initial assessment I went to introduce myself and check on him, he had only one concern to voice; “Where are my denture”?!?! :D :confused: I attentively and carefully searched everywhere in his room, through his belongings and of course in the bedding... Read More →

"Us" and "Them" ... It Could Mean Trouble

I finished my nursing education in Dec. 2004 and since that time I have noticed a major shift in the health care ideologies. I figure the best way to do something about it is to recognize it, discuss it and find solutions or underlying causes for it. What I have noticed, is an "us" and "them" mentality, growing between healthcare professionals and the public. My background in ER nursing as a beside/ triage / charge nurse has given me ample opportunity to witness various accounts of this... Read More →

A Lesson And Story - Human Nature At Its Best

VALUABLE LESSON LEARNED FROM PATIENTS I have learned over time how important it is to actually LISTEN to patients and their closely tied visitors. It is these people that frequently deal with the patient, and their struggles of navigating an unpredictable illness trajectory. These groups of people are priceless when needing to obtain information or the unique care requirements of the patient. The more consulting and communication done between the nursing staff and those involved with... Read More →

Learning a Life Lesson, The Hard Way

I started out full time as a new grad in the ER department and casually on a nephrology unit. The completion of a long time goal was finally there and I was awe struck, contemplating what my next goals would be. I loved the experience, meeting new people and making a difference in people's lives. I felt like I was working so much that I deserved a stretcher in the ER... just for some down time. Little did I know what life had in store for me or that that while I was focusing so much on... Read More →

The Blue Gown Syndrome

I am almost four years into my career as an ER nurse and now concurrently working through the obstacles known as graduate school. I am constantly being torn between two very different worlds, that of reality nursing and that of academia. :banghead: This professional battle often leads me to reflect on how my learning will impact patients. :loveya:More so, this reflection time allows me to acknowledge gaps and become a stronger bedside nurse as well as a fellow leader. There are many areas... Read More →

Tips for Human Nursing

The list of things that I would share with new staff or those that may have forgotten why they became a nurse. :p REALLY LISTEN AND REFLECT, THEN YOU WILL LEARN: First of all I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to complete a grad initiative in acute care. This was an experience where I am paired with staff RN's for six months and in a way be mentored by them. At the time, having a new RN with me every shift was somewhat stressful until I opened my eyes and realized that I was... Read More →