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  • Aug 7 '16

    Hey guys
    I took the Boards last Friday and passed at 75 questions.

    Do not be worried about your KAPLAN scores. I scored high 50s and my highest grade was a 65%. Well partly because I was always in a hurry to finish and know the correct answers. The most important thing to remember is the test taking strategies that KAPLAN mentions. The ABCs, the nursing process, maslows, what to delegate to an LPN or UAP. What to delegate to an RN from another floor. Also know safety and infection control. When you see a nurse wearing a mask/gown which patient room are they going into sort of questions.

    Most importantly be confident. I was a little bit nervous when I got to the personvue center but just because my ID had been screwed up before and I dint wanna be sent away and have to pay again. After the ID check and stuff I was so at ease and confident. To me, taking the NCLEX was like doing the practise questions I had been taking.

    The most nerve wrecking part of the whole thing is waiting for the results...thats torture!