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    hmm well I was thought roadrunner meant the physical part. only trying to make light of roadrunners post. seems roadruuner was being fixiated of negative side 2 nursing can'tm be fixiated on things like this all thru nursing as a student like rr.

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    Originally posted by Streamlined
    And don't you love all those people who take pregnisone? I'm also especially fond of those lucky people who had great results with that Lasix surgery on their eyes.
    HA on the 'pregnisolone.' My Dad use to call prednisolone, prednizole (pred-ni-zole). I swear he does it now just to bug me

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    whats the point to your post?I'm confused. Do tell.
    ps y the worry?highly unlikely it'll happen. One in 7 is bit outta the norm dont u think?distorted figures i'll say.

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    Direct from my text book -


    Australian Institute of Health and Welfare \I used subject portals most often

    Better Health channel has a truckload of info on here(beware pop up windows)

    last one we Australians cant read it
    Indonesian National Nurses Association, their registration board eng version is under construction um its under PPNI AND nurses or pPNI AND registration if u do a google search

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    Hey, here's a site I found. Hard to get anysolid info. really. Call it boredom @ 5.40 in the morn, kept refining my search till I got something. Not the p.g. in Mum had saved but more or less this here is basically a 'presentation' on qld health rural &remote nursing relief program. Presumed you'd be interested considerin' you were askin' . Best I can do per TOS

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    Hi Rachel! I was at Monash U. Clayton this year. Enrolled into Melbourne U. for next year, 1st pref, ACU as second pref, new course there, can't wait to get started (if I get accepted). Not so far to drive next year, was dring from Keilor to Clayton, public transport before May! Probably one of the best things about it. A lot of nursing students I spoke to during open days really enjoy nursing. Thanks for the welcome. J.B.

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    I just went thru. all my Mums online favs (she is a nurse). One site does have details on rural placements + travelling nurses/employment. As per above post, not sure if I can post the site here.

    My aunt has done a lot of travelling nursing earlier in her career. Where, can't be sure. I'll ask her, get some more solid info if u want me to? J.B.

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    Hey all! New here sort of. Found the Allnurses months ago. Started as a med student this year wanted to drop out half way thru. the year.

    Continued, did my exams finished them all now and have dropped out. I enrolled in nursing for next year can't wait to get started. Runs in the family. Would have been good to have a doc in the family found I wanted more interaction with patients.

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    haha, couldn't bring myself to do it gwenith

    But 8"!!! geez, id never get over it. i think when i move out of home, i intend on have one of those pest controller things(???) in every single room.

    I don't know about other parts of qld, but.........But yeah, I would never live up in north qld. I have heard horror stories about spiders up there. my dads friend woke in his hotel room one morning to the sound of bottles falling off the shelf!!! you guessed it, it was caused by a spider, according to him it was HUGE!!!

    And my gran's old house, well, last time I went there was when we saw 3 H's in her house in ONE night. I kid you not!

    But honestly, I really do have quite a phobia of them. my Mum got me seeing a psychologist for a while b/c of it

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    Spiders for sure!

    saw a nasty looking black one in my room a about 2 months ago couldn't sleep in there for a week!!!! Must have fly spray when going outside at night - Mum kills every spider I see even if its outside!We get RB's in our shed too (not often, but they have been in there) so if i need my bike, someone else gets it.

    Oh and moths, esp. those big ones!!! But not nearly as bad as spiders - the big balck ones are the worst.

    don't u all get heaps of really big ones in America???

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    Hi. Just signed up today. I finished school last, for yrs I wanted to get into medicine & become a doctor. Now that I got in, I want to change courses and get into nursing.
    My Mums a nurse, 3 sisters - all nurses, uncle is a nurse and 2 of my aunts are. Didn't get much help out of them as to what I should do. Most think I should give it more time (this is only my 1st yr ---> 2nd mth) .
    So, have any of you ever got into medicine but changed your mind and wanted to do nursing instead??? My sister thinks I would be "crazy" to drop out and change courses.