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HI, got questions? Just ask. :)

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    Have you contacted your BON? It may be a while before anything shows up on your record. Has it been a month? It would not hurt to call the BON and check for yourself. According to some of your postings, I do not agree on how they behave. It sort of boils my blood that there are some spineless lifeforms out there. Good luck.

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    I prefer to dive in and take care of it. I do not worry about smells anymore

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    Quote from ProgressiveActivist

    The reason that most nurses don't want to orient is that we have taken new nurses under our wing, helped them develop skills and confidence - and then had them stab us in the back. I guess that is just the nature of the business. I am very jaded when it comes to mentoring or precepting because I have given 100% and then been treated like crap once the new grad can function independently. It sucked and I will never ever do it again.

    Been there too... Kudos for sharing part of your CCTK-critical care toolkit.

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    Quote from Sun0408
    If you can't handle codes, don't do it. Codes don't bother me but the pts that are rotting from inside out, or outside in. Laying in the bed crying, on the vent, pressure to soft to medicate are the problem. Families that want everything done while mom sits in the ICU alone with the most horrific skin, wounds etc. That's the part about ICU that can get to you. One thing I have learned in the years of being a ICU nurse is... There are worse things then death!!

    Well said! OP, if you have the burning desire for critical care, start in the ED. As already said, less codes. If you go for it, you need to expose yourself to them. It is not easy and EVERYBODY goes through a stressful time. Practice, practice and practice what you would do in a code. Did not read the entire thread, but not sure if you mentioned you have ACLS. How do you do with mock codes? What part of the code stresses you the most? giving meds? compressions?

    If you are the type that gets easily attached to your pt's, then be very careful what you ask for. I've only experienced being emotionally attached once or twice... The one that is very vivid to me is when I took care of a WWII, Korea and VietNam conflict veteran. He worked my rear off and I was on my feet for my entire 12+ hours except for the 3 min bathroom breaks. I worked very hard to keep him alive until his last family member flew in later that night. He passed shortly after all the family was there. It was such an honor to have cared for him.

    Good luck!

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    Quote from Mhsrnbsn
    I find those Pyxis machines are horrible. Sometimes my finger print logs me in under someone else! My facility is aware of this issue. We have manual log in with a username and pass but only after 3 failed attempts to finger in. Its biometrics but I doubt it's the most sophisticated level. .
    This is nuts! What is that facility doing about this issue? How long have they been aware of it? Perhaps a call to the state's agency or other higher regulating body needs to be involved ASAP on their relaxed approach to fix that issue.

    I hope for the OP that all goes well. I deeply wish there is video surveillance in that facility. Using video and the reports with time stamps from the Pyxis should help clear your name. OP, remain cooperative and do not come across as resisting during any part of the investigation. I've read the entire thread and so far you have volunteered to provide samples. That's good. Think before you speak and document everything. Yes, everything! Time, date, location, people involved, times they were there in the meeting, what was said and so on.

    I've been involved in peer review panels where I've served as the senior member and it does help that you come across as cooperative. Come forward denying and refusing to provide a urine sample is not good for you. Good for you that the urine sample came back negative.

    You did not make any mention on video. I hope there is video. In my facility, the one I am currently stationed at, security keeps the video for 30 days. After 30, it is gone. Video does not lie. My last peer review was a nightmare but the video clearly showed who was at fault.

    Like others have mentioned, I suspect that you did not log out and someone got in under your log in. As already mentioned, these systems have an auto log off, but the time out allocation is ridiculous! Anyone can get in after you leave and can get whatever they want under your log in.

    I am very OCD when it comes to narcs. We have fingerprint technology plus video. When we log in, the system greets us with an auditory message plus my name. This helps since there are times that I do not look at the login section showing my name. Because some of the comments made on this post, I am now very curious to see how the fingerprint algorithm works at my current facility. I have one colleague that can't log on with her fingerprint no matter what she does...

    I also make it a habit to change my password often because there are many of my colleagues that do not bother turning their heads while I login and get fuzzy when I tell them to look away. I tell them not call me to help them be their witness during narc waste. That usually works.

    I would recommend that the chart on that pt gets reviewed and see who signed giving the narc. I hope for you that the administration has done this.

    These investigations take time. A lot of time and I feel for you. In the end, if the admin does not find anything pointing towards you, they will take a bit more time to figure out how to pull their head out of the sand and come up with an apology to keep you happy from not seeking further legal action against them.

    Until then, I am keeping my fingers crossed for a positive outcome on your favor. Please let us know how things resolve.


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    Did you refuse to be driven home?

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    Quote from Ruby Vee
    If you know nothing about the quote in question, why are you jumping on the "I Hate Hillary" bandwagon? The quote, in it's entirety, says nothing of the sort. Volunteering to care for her because you hate her is somewhat less than compassionate OR professional, and Trump isn't running for judge.

    Ignorance is scary.
    You ever think of sarcasm? Just bc I am volunteering to care for her, does it mean that I have ill intentions? What do I gain from that? Perhaps I want to show her the compassion and celebrity class care that I provide to ALL my patients. You do not know my work ethic. Therefore, you are ASSuming or do not see some sarcasm to the post

    Trump, if elected, will not last long. Running for prez, for him is just a hobby. He has the money to burn and can care less if he did not get it.

    Ignorance is scary. Yeah? Everyone can choose to ride whatever ******* wagon they want.

    Iced tea is on me.


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    I truly hope you did not direct this at me.

    Hillary can promise the moon to all the nurses in the galaxy. In the end, all politicians are after your vote. If what she really said about nurses is true, then so be it, but that is not proper to say or resurface when she is trying to get votes. If it is rumor, oh well, it did get my BP going for a second

    Lets drink iced tea and wait for the next 4 years (if she gets the bench) to see what she does. It is sad that nursing has to be brought into the political arena.

    For the past 12 years, there have been nothing but clowns on the bench and the future does not look promising regardless of who wins. Trump is no better and I will not elaborate more on him bc if I am honest on how I feel, I will not be allowed in here after that post.

    Sooner or later, WE will need to say enough is enough when the higher wants you to work more for less, increase the pt ratio for same pay, mandate you to work when you do not want or can.

    I will certainly will not entertain nonsense from anyone. I had a good run with nursing and I enjoy it. When I had enough of it, I will hang my issued scrubs.

    Just my opinion.

    See you at the polling station!

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    OP, please PM me where you work. I need a place like that.


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    Patience grasshopper! Patience.... you will get there. Don't be in a hurry.

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    Did she really call us handmaids?! Oh man, I knew I always hated her for a reason. I volunteer to care for her. I hope Trump gets the bench.

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    Quote from elkpark
    Putting aside the misuse of "stigma" (did you maybe mean "status"?), as long as you can become an RN via an associate's degree (or even a baccalaureate degree, for that matter) nurses will never get the respect physicians do. I'm not saying I think that's a bad thing (personally, I have no problem with the idea of nursing as a blue collar occupation), it's just how the world works.

    Bloody hell! Autocorrect strikes again! I meant status. Thanks elkpark. So some for those rolling their eyes.

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    Even if it was a joke, IT IS UNPROFESSIONAL!!!

    how in hell is nursing ever going to get the respect and stigma like doctors get??? They keep their crap in their inner circle but in nursing is the opposite.

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    Our med rooms are videotaped 24/7. Too many issues in the past. The video is keep for 30 days and then is erased/gone.

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    And some of us wonder why nursing gets so much crap. Way to go Childers.