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    Provigil. Get your provider to give you this.

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    Quote from mago8388
    Like the pp said, its also most likely poor self esteem. I know this Doctor in my hospital that won't make eye contact when talking to you. He walks right in and he's like: can I see my patients charts? In a demanding way. But its most likely insecurity on his part. He can't probably handle having a conversation with some fine ass nurses like the ones on my floor and when he talks to his patients we can tell how uncomfortable and fake he sounds. He sort of talks to his patients the way you talk to a 4 year old when they get a boo boo. I guess a Social skills class is not included in the Medical school curriculum.
    Your organization is still using charts? As in binders and papers?

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    Hell no! I am old and have no tolerance for this. Do not ignore it. Who does this clown think he can call/label people? Let him/her get away with it and it will get worse. Doctors think they are better because they spent 10-14 or more years studying. Wrong! Half of the time they have no idea what to diagnose.

    Even more sad when you hear them talk about their PA and compare it to nursing school. I dare this clown to follow me one day in the ICU, ER, CathLab or medsurg.

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    Honor? Really??? Sorry but I do not think it has anything close to it.

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    Start looking for another job. But before you leave, ask the interviewer why are they not honoring their word???

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    We have video cams in the med room. Why? Diversion is a big issue is some departments. I recently had to be a chairperson for someone that came under investigation. Some med rooms are located in areas of little to no traffic (after work hours) like the GI lab and Cath lab.

    Those cameras do a good job recording and give you a lot of detail. Where they fall short, is when when the controlled substance is taken away from the field of view of those cameras.

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    Not trying to insult ANYONE as per my comment (#183). In my organization, we do not have keys and even when deployed in austere regions of the world, LPNs are/were not allowed to carry such keys. Apologies to those that feel offended. We are all entitled to our own opinions but there will be times (like my post) that some will feel otherwise. Carry on.

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    We do nothing! Let it linger so the annoying family leaves.

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    Report it. If you fear that your coworker may confront you asking you if you reported them, you can ask to be assigned different shifts. Security can also escort you to the car at the end of the shift.


    I remember those keys. I'd never allow an LPN to carry those keys. So what was the outcome on the LPN? Guilty?

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    OP, do not ignore the comments. The more you let that go, the worst it gets. Those ignorant, Metamucil lacking parasites that you are working with are just feeding from you ignoring their comment. On your next day off, stop by HR and ask them to show you policies about EO. When asked why, tell it like it is. Do not fear about loosing your job. You will find another one within 24 hrs.

    I ofter hear comments but with Hispanics and their accent. In my position, if I catch an ignorant soul, they will remember me for the rest of their life. No one has NO right to judge anyone because of their color, race and so on.

    If you like your job, stick around but do not let these parasites treat you as such. They will either get used to having you around or if they do not like it that much, they will move on. Stick to your guns.

    Can you tell us where you are (I've not read the entire 12 pages..) When I was stationed in Georgia, I used to get patients that would ask for a white nurse. This did not happen all the time, but when I was charge RN and later went to become a nurse manager, I would tell them that we are short staffed and dealing with matters pertaining to race, color or religion is the least of your problems while in MY ICU. The PT never said anything else after that and I made sure they always got a non caucasian staff for their duration of their stay in my unit.

    Evil? Yes, but in my unit I rule and my staff does not condone such behavior. Specially if the pt comes in thinking that all males are doctors and they are still thinking like it is the 1950s. I have no tolerance for that.

    Good luck.

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    Quote from KelRN215
    I was under anesthesia the only time one went in for me but I remember it pinching a little on the way out. 6 years ago when I had to undergo a water deprivation test, an Intern tried to tell me I'd be having a Foley. I politely told her where she could go. This was our conversation:

    MD: "Are you familiar with the water deprivation test?"
    Me: "I've done one on a three year old."
    MD: "That must have been challenging with the Foley and everything."
    Me: "We didn't use a Foley, we just weighed the diapers."
    MD: "Well we're going to use a Foley on you."
    Me: "Oh hell no..."
    MD: "Well we need really accurate outputs."
    Me: "Bring me a hat."

    I like it! TEll it like it is to those interns. Well done.

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    Quote from Kooky Korky
    very frustrating to not hear from him again. storm and its aftermath are past, right?

    While there are employers that pulls such tactics, the OP might have been a troll...

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    Quote from Miiki
    We've had several severe hurricanes i.e. Katrina, Gustav... And the hospital never required anyone to stay. They give you a strong warning that if you don't show up for your shift you WILL be fired, and the hospital provides places to sleep. If you think the storm will hinder you at all you are encouraged to stay.

    If they are requiring you to stay, then they should be paying you overtime for it.
    That sounds like a threat and not a warning.

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    Quote from kbrn2002
    I gladly would but it's not a hospital. I've been in LTC for 21 years now. It has been a decent place to work though. That 3 day storm I was stuck at work for most of the management team stayed too. The administrator was in the kitchen cooking breakfast for the whole facility when the cook couldn't make it in. It wasn't a gourmet meal by any means, but I was real impressed by him diving in and cooking for 90+ residents. He was even careful to make sure everybody got close to the right diet. I mean nobody was worrying about sodium or diabetic diet restrictions too much, but at least if the resident required puree food or thickened liquids, they got it.
    That is an administrator! Too bad it's an LTC. In the military, we are starting to get those "managers" off their rear in order to prevent ulcers. I make my managers get in scrubs when it hits the fan. Some do not like it but I tell them they have no choice. I hate lazy people!

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    Quote from ActualNurse
    One facility I worked at gave us twenty cents an hour to be on call.
    That is embarrassing! Does not even cover taxes.