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    run!!! Sounds like that place is out of control and basically do not give a ____________! If they are not staffed sufficiently, then they should not be doing cases. @ 8-ball has pretty much covered the rest of what I would say.

    Have you thought of going to see patient advocacy? Perhaps PI coordinator?

    And that manager you have for a boss is worthless!

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    Got my retirement orders. Got a new job already and a new house. Ready to go back to being a private citizen. Wearing the uniform has been a great run but it is time to tripple dip

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    Thanks Jason!

    Now that I am retiring from the service, I need some nice looking scrubs.


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    It's time to get rid off those clowns!

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    Quote from gkingRN
    Congrats to all the CCRN. I'm currently studying with PASS CCRN online questions, AACN and LG cd's from 2004. Anyone else use the older CD's for studying? I'm scoring in the mid 60-70's. Scheduled in a few days but thinking I need more time any suggestion?

    Recommend you reschedule your test. You are not there yet. Read each question twice, if you know and understand what they are asking, go for each answer until you know the correct one. Do not double guess yourself. Good luck.

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    Quote from nurs1ng
    Tried to purchase Laura Gasparis' DVD set.. is it true that it's $700? Where can I buy these cheaper? Thanks in advance!

    WHAT?! Who told you such nonsense? It is about 150 on fleabay or amazon. Best investment ever.

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    Better late than never. NTI is a party!

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    I was the go-to dude to lift heavy pt's. I only did that once. Told the crew that I wanted to enjoy my back well into my 90s. Lifting is a group effort.

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    Quote from Ruby Vee
    What does?

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    Have you ever been to the VIP wing at the former and new Walter Reed?

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    That is not excusable!

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    I would have told that nurse sup NO. I already started drinking.

    I hate management that panic to fast and call people off just to realize 30 minutes later that they really need all hands on deck. I do not condone such thinking. If you tell me I am off, then I go on to do other things as my mind is already made up.

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    Quote from Kooky Korky
    Why do you think the offgoing nurse should clean up?

    Why not? How critically busy are your shifts? On my 12 hr shifts, if there was a mess, I clean it up. Every unit I worked, has been this way. If the pt coded and the whole 5 pound bag of _____ (you fill in the blank) hit the fan and is like an IED went off right where you are standing before the end of your shift... that to me is understandable and I still will clean up a bit unless my coworker told to go home.

    Even when I was in the sandbox after 12-14 hrs of caring for casualties, we clean up for the next shift.

    What is your thinking? I work 12 hrs, let's say I was a sloppy/messy RN...yes, there are some that fit that title... YOU come in and you are ok with cleaning my mess? Just curious...

    The docs in my facility know damn well that if they make a mess, they will clean it. They cannot make a mess because they do not have access to the supply room. They find us and let us know that they need to do such procedure and will need such and such...

    If they came in without me noticing, they would be lucky to get away with it. My facility is a teaching facility and the white coats (baby docs) are trained from the first day to do it right.

    Now, if the coworker came to me all out of control like the OP states, I know that they are a lunatic for not being civil. I could pull many cards on them like call security and say that I felt threatened by their behavior... I seen this once and the outcome was not pretty.

    I do not tolerate such behavior. That is all I will say on that.

    And where do you work? ICU, MEDSURG, OR, L&D, PICU, ER, Pain Clinic????


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    Quote from billswife
    This is our situation also. For quite awhile we were working mandatory overtime. Now we have "incentive shifts" for people to sign up for. It's working pretty well from the standpoint of staff members. I'm not sure how our leadership team feels. I hope it is working for them as well. If it looks like there might be a low census situation coming up there are usually a ling line of us trying to sign up.

    Where are these hospitals? I need to go there!

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    I shower all the time. Before, after my work outs, after a crazy shift. Oh, and I put lotion during the winter months.