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  • Aug 2 '12

    I'd check with your state BON or in your state forum, but in my state you do not have to work as an RN to maintain an active license.

  • Apr 5 '12

    first of all,certainly there are no dumb questions just intelligent inquiries. therefore, it would be a great idea if you let your preceptor know how you feel, remember is the little things that go along way with us seasoned nurses. as i wish the very best in all of your future endeavors.... aloha pumehana~ (good-bye with warm regards)

  • Apr 5 '12


    Lol, never stop asking questions, it keeps us sharp too! I hope you have a great career and find the niche you love!

    Warmest Regards!!!


  • Feb 20 '09

    Just to comment on niko's post, you do NOT need to take the test for the LNA certification if you are obtaining the license through comparable education. You simply need to provide proof (either a letter from the school or a transcript) that you have completed the fundamentals course at your nursing school along with the application.

  • Feb 16 '09

    I know that at the community college I attend, thats the case. After you complete the Nurc112 class (which you take during your first semester), you are eligible to get your LNA license.

  • Sep 16 '08

    Im in the BSN program, if you were to transfer in for ADN youd be in your "1st" year of nursing school but you'd be done in 2 years, BSN would take 3 years.

  • Jun 7 '08

    Quote from BE16
    Well, correct me if i am wrong i really think that the Air National Guard and the Army reserves accept nurses with ADN commissioned as a Second Lieutenant Officer. However, you cannot become captain until you have your BSN. Otherwise, you will be discharged from the Air Guard if you don't have your BSN after 4

    Hi BE16,

    I believe WTBCRNA said "AD" , as in "Active Duty" require a BSN.

    However, the Guard/Reserve do take ADN


  • Apr 10 '08

    Unless things have changed fairly recently (within the last few years), the only two states that allow this are CA and OK.

  • Mar 3 '08

    Yes, though a long time ago (Vietnam era). It really depends on your clinical expirience as a corpsman. It definetly helped in hands on patient care and critical thinking skills. You also have already been through the initial nervousness with regards to patient contact. It really didn't help in the academic hit the books part of nursing school. The scientific subject knowledge is miles above what a corpmen is typically given in training.
    I never regretted the choice to go to nursing school (BSN program) and have thouroughly enjoyed my nursing carreer. Not that it was always a bed of roses.
    Good luck

  • Feb 4 '08

    Quote from corpsman3
    I am having trouble understanding my score. Do college's base admission off your percentile composite score or each individual score???
    I called the college today and asked the admissions lady about it. She wanted to know what the percentile's for each category were then she asked what the composite score was, so I do think they look at each one to make sure one isn't too low.